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  1. capybara123

    Going behind manager?

    Hello! I am interested in becoming a wound care nurse and asked the hospital's wound care specialist to shadow him for the day. I enquired if I could do this through the professional practice team at the hospital and they agreed and no further steps needed to be taken, so we booked a date. When I came in my units clinical educator inquired if I told me manager. I said no as I contacted professional practice. She said that if I were to come into contact with my manager during the day she may be upset because I didn't ask her and puts her in a middle man position as she knows but didn't tell my manager. I fully was aware that I may come in contact with her and I was never intending on hiding the fact from her. I am only following to see if I would like the career. I would still have to apply and attend school for a year before leaving my current position. Should I tell my manager that I did follow the wound care nurse and apologize for not telling her in the case that she does find out ? I was planning on asking either of them (educator or manager) for a reference sometime in April as applications are for May. Now I feel uncomfortable asking my educator.
  2. capybara123

    Sexual Health Nurse

    Hello, I am a new grad working on a general medicine floor but am interested in primary care/ public health as a sexual health nurse possibly. Any advice on steps I can make towards this career goal would be great Thanks!

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