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  1. Juvenile felony and background check

    Hi! Started my application process, I passed all of my background checks but I just did my Live scan and I know everything is going to show up because I have a copy of it. I am definitely worried, and I graduate in 4 days. I will keep you posted. A n...
  2. Juvenile felony and background check

    Hi everyone, so I just got accepted to a nursing program in Northern California and was not aware that ALL our juvenile convictions would come up and would ever have to look back at my juvenile years. I am so worried I will not pass my background che...
  3. USFCA spring 2019

    yes, so when I talked to the counselor he made sure it was for the VANAP in Sacramento and told me they were still reviewing applications and that is when i asked him the number of people applying for the program. I did not talk to Milford Miles but ...
  4. USFCA spring 2019

    Hi guys! so i called the admissions office in SF and i wanted to give you guys an update. They said that they have not made any decisions yet, and will be letting us know within a week. The bad news was that the couselor told me that there was around...
  5. USFCA spring 2019

    I actually checked my voicemail when i seen that you got a call from the admissions counselor and i did receive a call. I just didn't answer because i wasn't sure who was calling me. Can i ask what they told you?
  6. USFCA spring 2019

    I, too applied for spring 2019. I am so nervous because I got rejected from ARC, so I don't know if I will start nursing school this semester