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futurecrnasla has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU.

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  1. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    Congratulations!! What day did you submit application?
  2. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    Yes I applied and interviewed. Hbu?
  3. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    Richmond, VA hbu?
  4. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    CRNA Prep Academy
  5. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    I submitted my application last night as well. I did see on another site that people have already been offered interviews for Mid-May. I hope it doesn’t take long for them to offer more interviews.
  6. Mary Baldwin CRNA 2022

    Hi, I wanted to start a thread to see how many people have applied for 2022? Does anyone know what the interview process is going to be like? I submitted my application and I’m anxiously waiting.
  7. LEAP Certificate Pathway Summer 2021

    I tried to message and it didn’t allow me to. Can you email me alstonshate@gmail.com? I just have a few questions. Thanks!
  8. LEAP Certificate Pathway Summer 2021

    Hey I was wondering if anybody was accepted into the leap program and if so how is it going? Thanks!
  9. VA hiring process 2020

    Hey Covid did not impact my onboarding process at all. I have 2.5 years experienced and was offered close to 80 k.
  10. VA hiring process 2020

    Hey I am going through the process now. I interviewed in January and got an unofficial offer early this month. I’m doing my vet pro and background and fingerprints tomorrow. Hbu?
  11. UNE General Chem

    Hey I’m thinking about taking this course. How long did it take you to complete? I think imma just take the lecture no lab though.
  12. Wake Forest CRNA 2020

    Hello I plan on applying for the fall deadline. Does anybody know if they prefer to have an attending write your recommendation over a fellow or no? Thanks
  13. Cheap Graduate Patho Or Pharm class

    University of Alabama Birmingham
  14. Va Hiring Process 2019

    Hey I did hear back and I did not get the job. I hope your outcome is different.
  15. Cheap Graduate Patho Or Pharm class

    Hi I am applying for CRNA school this fall and would like to take a graduate course this summer that is relatively cheap. Does anybody have an experience doing this? Thanks!