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  1. futurecrnasla

    Cheap Graduate Patho Or Pharm class

    Hi I am applying for CRNA school this fall and would like to take a graduate course this summer that is relatively cheap. Does anybody have an experience doing this? Thanks!
  2. futurecrnasla

    Va Hiring Process 2019

    I applied for the ED on 1/2/19 the job announcement closed on 1/9/19. My application was referred on 1/10/19. I was emailed about interview on 1/14/19. My interview was on 1/21/19 where I was interviewed by 5 people and had 25 minutes due to a lot of interviews they had to get through. They asked about 6 questions and gave a 10 question quiz that was not used against me. I was emailed on 1/26/19 that they would like move further in my interview process and have 3-4 of my references to email them. My references have emailed them and I have not heard anything back. For people who have been through this process is it likely I have the job since they asked for my references? What is the next step?