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  1. np rate per patient

    It sounds very low to me. I used to 35 -45 as an RN to do wound care
  2. PMHNP private practice

    Hello fellow PMHNP's Looking for guidance, I am interested in pursuing private practice. I current work in mental health for a non for profit organization in an independent state. I am looking towards one day making my own hours, rules etc. Curren...
  3. PMHNP private practice

    Hello fellow PMHNP, Looking for some guidance on steps I need to take and in which order, and best way to go about this. I currently work full time 4 day week schedule for an organization. I want to start small. 1-2 days a week and want to offer tel...
  4. PMHNP practice

    That is definitely not sustainable!
  5. PMHNP practice

    We started offering telemedicine this week. TOday was my first day. I am a bit confused about billing. Some patients are unable to do video meeting. We are using zoom which is not the friendliest as it requires patient to download app. Is there a spe...
  6. PMHNP practice

    Thank for sharing, How are psych NPs dealing with overly anxious patients with this covid crisis situation? I have found patients are very anxious, many asking for anxiety meds. People are panicking. those who are laid off and ordered to stay home a...
  7. Coronavirus / COVID-19 Nurse Survey: The Outbreak Continues

    sharing an article titled "unmasking the truth: CDC AND HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION ARE ENDANGERING ALL OF US Full article:
  8. What is it like in your hospital right now?

    I dont understand what a surgical mask is going to do when it has been said that this virus is airborne for 3 hours. Of course its better than nothing but absolutely irresponsible of hospitals, government. this 1st world country we call the US is a s...
  9. MAT program

    Hello fellow Nurse Practitioners working in addiction medicine, Our clinic is interested in offering MAT services. We have behavioral health providers and I have obtained my DATA waiver, . I am looking for insights and feedback from others who have ...
  10. PMHNP practice

    I believe part of the problem is being compared to the medical practitioners and how many patients they see when psych is totally different.
  11. PMHNP practice

    Hello All, I am a fairly new to PMHNP practice, working for an organization who is fairly knowledge deficit to the area of behavioral health. I am looking to get some insights on how others run their psych practice. How many patients do you see a day...
  12. Psych no salary/pay

    I'll let you know this week. Ive also applied to other contract jobs that are posted. I've been a bit nervous to open myself to fill my week with only those kinds of jobs but maybe that's what I should do. I have to get out of current situation. ...
  13. Psych no salary/pay

    I started this job this year!!!!. I didn't know the commute was going to be so bad. But you are right. Many variables thought. I'm not open to working in any other areas . Just want to work in psych. There's only so many opennings. I'm going to take ...
  14. Psych no salary/pay

    There's an extreme shortage of psych nps. And nps of any sort. Which is why pay should be better, you would think. I think they just don't know. They allow nps to work in psych with collaboration. That's the state next door where job offer is. My s...
  15. Psych no salary/pay

    So I had requested to shadow one of the providers to see what there day is like prior to considering taking a job. I spent a day with a PA. Seemed ok to me. They have 2 medical assistance. She said her usual census is 10-14 a day. There's a lot of no...