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MAT program

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Hello fellow Nurse Practitioners working in addiction medicine,

Our clinic is interested in offering MAT services. We have behavioral health providers and I have obtained my DATA waiver, .  I am looking for insights and feedback from others who have worked in MAT.  I have familiarize myself with the Samhsa site and have the MAT book and pocket guide. I am more specifically looking to hear how other providers are running their MAT practice.

1) What is your criteria/conditions to accept patients into your MAT program? besides opioid dependence and desire to quit using obviously. For instances, if they have poly substances abuse disorder and want to continue using other substances? alcohol, lsd or other substances.

 2) What is your process for inductions? what medications do you have/use on site for withdrawal symptoms and to send patients home?

3)Which form of buprenorphine do you prefer to use, pill, sublingual, or other? and why?

4) How often do you see your MAT patients the first week and there after for maintenance?

5) do you also treat their co-morbid mental health conditions?

6) how often do you drug screen?

Any dos and don'ts


I appreciate all your feedback.

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