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glass_houseRN has 8 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Mental Health.

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  1. Becoming an NP after discipline

    I’m sorry ? that’s funny because most schools barely even help you find preceptorship, you have to find your own. So I would be like, no kidding it’s not a guarantee, it isn’t for anyone LOL. Keep looking! Don’t give up. You’ll find a school with per...
  2. Becoming an NP after discipline

    I prefer not to write my school on here, basically look for a school who’s application doesn’t ask about prior discipline or need a detailed explanation of such. As long as you are finished with your requirements and unencumbered, it shouldn’t matter...
  3. Becoming an NP after discipline

    I am in Ohio. I am not sure what the California Board is like, sorry :/ I did consult my lawyer here in Ohio, who specializes in licensure discipline, for an opinion if going back to school and obtaining NP licensure was feasible. Her responses were ...
  4. Becoming an NP after discipline

    Thank you! Yes I wish I had some positive stories to go off when I was applying but there were none. My specialty is psych as well ? In the beginning, a local behavioral health hospital was the first place that accepted me when I was a nurse looking ...
  5. Becoming an NP after discipline

    Update for everyone, I was able to obtain my NP license and DEA ! So it’s official :) I’m not sure how the credentialing process will go, but the biggest hurdles are over for now. Once again, my RN consent agreement terms had been completed for a few...
  6. NP with prior discipline

    Well, I got into school okay. We didn’t need personal insurance. My discipline is completed and I don’t have any restrictions; it’s still online for anyone to see though. No one ever asked about it for Clinical’s. I had no trouble finding preceptors,...
  7. Question for CRNA’s in recovery

    Thanks for sharing. Yes I am one of the unlucky ones who’s history is for everyone to see on nursys. I’m hoping to get my APRN without a second monitoring program. It’s a shame you had to go through it twice from the same board for the same stuff. Ma...
  8. Question for CRNA’s in recovery

    Can I ask what state you’re in? Did you complete a monitoring for your RN, and then they had you do a second monitoring for your APRN?
  9. Question for CRNA’s in recovery

    Congrats on getting through all of that craziness. I know it's rough - I was in monitoring for dui too, only mine is on my record forever. I wish my state was more progressive. I don't know about the credentialing process but wanted to comment to fol...
  10. My voluntary alcohol detox was reported to the board..?

    I'm sorry. I don't have any good advice for you but am angry for you. This kind of thing prevents people from getting the help they need when it comes to mental health and addiction.
  11. NP with prior discipline

    Pm*ing you. I have similar circumstances. I graduated in May. Waiting to see what happens. What state do you live in? They make you go through monitoring a second time for your CNP? That’s ridiculous. If you were cleared to practice as a comp...
  12. Becoming an NP after discipline

    I haven’t taken the exam yet. I’m thinking I shouldn’t have a problem with licensing; I completed all my terms and it’s been years. If they try to give me new terms, then they’re admitting that they don’t feel I can practice safely, which they have b...
  13. Becoming an NP after discipline

    Psych. Local brick and mortar
  14. Becoming an NP after discipline

    Sure, I plan to! If I get denied, I will get a lawyer and keep trying. If I have a hard time (which I don’t anticipate), I will just go into administration (DON, nurse manager) or education.
  15. Becoming an NP after discipline

    Hey all! I was accepted to a NP school with prior discipline and will be done in May ? for what it’s worth, the school I applied to didn’t ask about prior discipline. The one that did, I didn’t get into. F Them, lost my $$. Regardless, I am not ...