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  1. NickiRN87

    Wayne State 2019

    Hi guys! i was admitted for Wayne State's Nurse anesthesia class beginning in 2019! I was just curious if anybody out there went to Wayne for the CRNA program and what they thought about it. Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. NickiRN87

    Questions about past grades

    How can you have a 4.0 science gpa if you were getting C's in science classes and not 4.0's? Am I missing something? Either way, doing some extra things to make your resume stand out can outshine those old bad grades! My gpa was terrible for my first degree (less than 3.0) but I graduated from nursing school with my second degree as a 3.7. During my interview the school seemed impressed with how I explained what happened during my first degree and didn't seem to hold it against me too much about my past bad grades. I got accepted for fall 2019 :)
  3. NickiRN87

    Michigan CRNA Schools

    Actually Wayne State has transitioned to the doctorate, I just was accepted there :) and Detroit Mercy is just waiting on their approval, they should find out within the month is what they told me.