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  1. Jennifer0317

    Accepted to the OU ABSN Lawton program 2019

    Congrats! I also got accepted to the Lawton ABSN program for spring, I also applied to OKC and Tulsa campuses for the summer of 2019. So I need to decide (I'm an out of state student so I really have no clue lol). I haven't received any other e-mails or info, but I haven't accepted the offer yet if that makes a difference.
  2. Jennifer0317

    OU 2019 absn (2018 applicant)

    Hey! Has anyone else applied to the absn program for 2019? Or heard back yet? I applied to Lawton in the spring and to OKC for summer.
  3. I just got accepted to the ABSN at Harrisburg and was also curious if the program being relatively new effected your experience at school?
  4. Jennifer0317

    Penn State Harrisburg Second Degree

    I just got accepted to the Harrisburg campus for the second degree program. Is anyone else in the Fall 2019 cohort? Or are there any current second degree students at Harrisburg that wouldn't mind giving me the in's and out's of the program?
  5. Jennifer0317

    OU ABSN 2019

    I graduated years ago but I applied to both Lawton and OKC.