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  1. Josieerwine

    LPN to RN, or straight to RN?

    Good morning! I am very indecisive right now and I wanted to get other people's opinions. I am currently a CNA. I am in college currently for my ADN. I started college fresh out of high school. I am not even sure when I decided I wanted to be a nurse! It is just what I've always thought I'd do I guess! I love being a CNA, helping people, taking care of them, and most of all being there for them when they need someone. I know CNA is nothing like nursing lol but I wanted to get into some sort of healthcare. I am starting my third semester of prereqs. I have 6 semesters left! 3 years. Honestly, my GPA isn't that good. It's not terrible but my school (state college) is very competitive for the RN program and I'm worried. I am considering doing LPN first. The program is 45 weeks. Students are selected based on TEAS VS. TEAS & GPA for RN. Once I am an LPN I will bridge to RN if it's what I want. If I go the LPN route, I will take anatomy & phys this semester (well I plan to either way lol) then take my TEAS, then apply for the LPN program that following semester. I feel very uneasy. School is expensive and I didn't take time to decide what I really wanted to do, nursing just came naturally (a blessing and a curse possibly?) so LPN first may help me decide what I want to do Indefinitely. Also, LPN bridge students have a one-up in my colleges selection for the RN program. I would also be able to work as an I am only 19 (20 in January!) but I feel like I am running out of time. I bought a house in April and unfortunately I will not be able to take off work to go to school, whether I do RN or LPN. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic and thinks I would be better if going straight RN, based off of what he has talked to nurses about in hospitals. So I guess my question is, based off of your experience/plain opinion, would it be worth it to do LPN to RN, or should I just take the full plunge to RN?
  2. Hello! I am currently in my last semester of prereqs for the RN program! I am so excited and ready for it to be over with lol. I work a monday-Friday 9-4 office job, at a storage facility. My day is sitting at a desk, rarely actually seeing people. I am very fortunate to have a position where I basically get paid to study and do homework! I just got hired at a second job as a CNA. I am doing part time (three 8-hour shifts) per week. The shifts is 10pm-6am. I am also keeping my day job. Next semester I will be taking a day class from 9a-noon T/Th. I am nervous about my CNA job, considering I have never worked an overnight in my life! I usually go to bed by 11pm and wake up at 8am now. I have no idea how to make a sleep schedule! I can nap in my car after my shift at 6am until I have to get into my other job at 9am. Luckily they are about 7 minutes from each other! any tips on staying up over night part-time? My first shift is Saturday night and I honestly have no idea what to even expect! It is an assisted living facility. I am hoping since my day job is so calm that I won't be too tired (especially if I can get a nap in between!) I am not sure how to balance my work/school life with being a wife either. I don't have any kids yet, but my husband is a firefighter so he works crazy 24hours shifts. Any tips on anything is appreciated!