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  1. Do you find that everyone works well in a group? Were you able to chose your own group members? Did you hear of any groups having issues with group members getting the work completed?
  2. VwBee89

    Johns Hopkins Entry MSN Spring 2020

    O thats great! Out of curiosity would you mind sharing your stats?
  3. I just completed my application for JHU Entry into MSN Nursing Spring 2020 application. I was waitlisted for Fall 2019 and was not accepted. Anyone else out there applying for a second time? Who has completed their application? Best of LUCK!
  4. As in the admissions officer will call you? So are we not expecting emails if we get accepted? I would much prefer a phone call so I can stop constantly checking my email. lol
  5. VwBee89

    Paramedic looking for a career change...

    The truth is all of these jobs require at least a Bachelors degree. I would focus on getting a Bachelors and completing all the necessary prerequisites. You have at least four years to decide where you should apply. Good luck!!! Exciting times are ahead for you
  6. For all of those who have been accepted. First, Congrats!!! Second, have any of you previously applied and been waitlisted/denied? Hope to hear some responses, any information would be useful!
  7. Does anyone know how waitlist decisions are made ... or when? So impatient lol
  8. Has anyone who has been waitlisted heard any news about when they start pulling applicants off the waitlist?
  9. VwBee89

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    rn409, I am sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with Vanderbilt. I also applied for ACAG (pre-speciality). I was waitlisted, which I did not accept. I did not call them regarding my application. However, every interaction I had with them regarding the application process was poor. I was frequently given miss information or the vague, "I do not know." My final interaction was via phone call and they hung up on me ( I was asking about how admissions decisions would be released). As unfortunate as these interactions were they helped me decide that I did not want to be waitlisted or even accepted. I could not handle paying this institution a large sum, when they can't even communicate effectively or respectfully. On a side note, congrats to those accepted. While I had a negative experience, I hope all of the applicants/admitted students had only positive interactions with Vanderbilt
  10. I hope we hear back sooner than March 8th!!!!!!!!
  11. VwBee89

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    Waitlisted. But I'm not too bummed considering how poor my interactions with admissions has been. Congrats to those who got in!!!
  12. VwBee89

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I was not disconnected, she clearly didn't want to explain the admission decision process to me. Unprofessional.
  13. VwBee89

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I called yesterday and was hung up on. So........ not feeling it.
  14. VwBee89

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I still do not get why they can't just email everyone the decisions...
  15. VwBee89

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    yeah same.