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  1. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    No I haven’t, did they send it to your csun email?
  2. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    No I haven’t ? I was hoping to get one!
  3. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    Hey there! I applied to 14 schools in the span of 3 years and this was my first acceptance. All my others were rejections or failed waitlists. You will get there! There’s a school that’s meant for you. Trust the process. Keep focused on your goal❤️ I...
  4. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    Just got the new form
  5. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    I haven’t gotten the updated SIRFAP . I’m thinking they don’t have the Spring calendar ready yet
  6. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    For everyone wondering, Yvonne sent an email saying the Spring 2022 cohort will get another sirf to sign on Wednesday with the correct cohort on it.
  7. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    Hi everyone, since I haven't found a page for the Spring 2022 cohort I made one. Heres the link: Let me know if there is one out there already so I could delete it. If there's not please feel fre...
  8. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    wait isn't this the fall 2021 one?
  9. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    Is there facebook page made yet for the Spring 2022 cohort?
  10. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    Same here! The same thing happened to me. I was also accepted into the Spring cohort. Did everyone email her to clarify?
  11. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    I got in! I am beyond happy. Spring 2021 cohort!
  12. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    I got the email too. I submitted in on June 1st. I think its weird if they meant to send that today. I thought it was a strict deadline.
  13. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    is anyone extremely overwhelmed with meeting the time limit? I keep exceeding it.
  14. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    My prereq GPA is 3.7 and I have 1500 clinical hours as a CNA. I probably got invited to an interview due to the fact that my volunteer hours (380 hours) were back in 2018. Best of luck to all!
  15. CSUN ABSN Fall 2021

    How many of you received an email for the interview? I received mine on Thursday. I’m nervous ?