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  1. HarleyvQuinn

    Pyxis Problems

    We had an entire pocket that would pop out every time we did the big count on Sunday nights. . . It contained Fentanyl patches. Drove me nuts. I'd immediately smack that sucker right back into place. NO! I do not want to take you home! The worst part about our Pyxis is that it's in the nursing station, with everyone else running around talking to you, patients leaning in the med door asking questions, phones ringing and folks expecting you to stop what you're doing to answer them. No one seems to care that it's an environment just begging for med errors to happen.
  2. HarleyvQuinn

    Over using sympathy card

    I don't have a real answer for you. I agree with others that we know that grief is a process that is very individualized and we all know that traumatic losses can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, which can pose further problems. What I can say is, it's probably best not to 'call out' your coworkers on how it's over and they need to just get back to getting work done and business as usual less than 24 hours after the funeral. Not that doing so could possibly cause issues or anything.
  3. HarleyvQuinn

    Storybook Character Day Nurse ideas?

    Madame Pomphrey! I was coming just to suggest her! She is so awesome. I also loved the Nurse Ratchet recommendation above, but that's my twisted side coming out.
  4. HarleyvQuinn

    Patient Keeps Asking for Another Nurse

    No problem, Ruby Vee. This type of behavior wreaks havoc even in psychiatric facilities, especially amongst those who aren't yet adept at identifying it. As someone else mentioned - you're in trouble if this type of patient can make you feel like a terrible nurse, but in worse trouble if they make you feel like an awesome nurse. We should not be basing our professional evaluations of our skills off whether or not a patient prefers and/or "likes" us. We should always be kind, compassionate, and professional. That does not mean throwing an entire unit into chaos on the whims of one person who has a perfectly acceptable alternative solution available to them. Don't engage in their attempts to trash talk your coworkers, but also don't engage in their efforts to pit you against them by "favoring" one, either. Pro-tip: They will run their favorite to death if allowed. Be watchful over new grads especially in these situations. To be fair, it's not just seen in Borderline personality disorder, although it is one of the characteristic traits associated with that Axis 2 diagnosis. One should also remember that personality disorders are not all or nothing - they exist on a spectrum of severity, with some coping much better and living functional lives in spite of them. Patients with Cluster B disorders, in general, that are not well managed tend to be time consuming and exhausting.
  5. HarleyvQuinn

    The Dilemma of Multiple Licenses

    I honestly wonder if these problems, which really seem to be caused by the fragmentation created by a state-run system for regulating licensure, would be corrected if there was one national license and one national standard by which we practiced. Each state could still have their own board to divide the workload, but it would eliminate problems that California is having right now while improving the ability of our workforce to respond to areas facing shortages. Not to mention less red tape for everyone.
  6. HarleyvQuinn

    What You Don't Know About Nursing Boards

    I'm confused as to how attendance write ups could even remotely be considered patient abandonment? For one, corporate hospitals are handing out write ups if you dare to miss more than 2-3 days in an entire year outside of FMLA-approved situations. Secondly, to be absent from work you are notifying your supervisor in advance. Third, as you are not going in to work, there is no established nurse-patient relationship. It is this established nurse-patient relationship that is required in order for an allegation of patient abandonment to be considered. If you don't have a patient assignment, how could you possibly abandon them? Especially if showing up to work when you are ill enough to need to be absent could be reason enough to be accused of being physically impaired while practicing, and as such a danger.
  7. HarleyvQuinn

    Would you call in sick?

    OH MY GOD THIS. Thank you! This needs to be repeated so much. So often. "Nursing schools worldwide love to tout a (naive) doe-eyed, unrealistic/ unsustainable, abusive, self-neglecting, sunshine farting rainbows Florence Nightingale kind of martyrdom... which is just plain STUPID. Follow that model and you'll be crippled with musculoskeletal injuries (or worse, die of some acquired infection... ahem...remember when SARS? EBOLA? reached out neck of North America) before your career has even really started. " This. This. This. THIS. I ran into this not just in nursing, but on steroids in military nursing. Know what it got me? A disability. Now I get to live with looks of scorn and treated like a piece of absolute crap by coworkers and managers alike for daring to try to continue working with such ugliness, without perfection, and unwilling to continue to martyr myself for the convenience of being a number in a staffing ratio. Living this way does NOTHING to provide safe, effective, high value care to patients. It puts them at higher risk for harm. You already acknowledged the crap show this place is. Get a better gig closer to where you are and take it as a lesson learned.
  8. HarleyvQuinn

    Would you call in sick?

    What wonderful dedication to patient safety and quality of care! Not to mention employee safety. I'll bet you're also a delight when a state of emergency related to weather is called, family death, or other tragedies. OP, does your car insurance cover total destruction? Or should that be a question for life insurance policy? I wonder if any employer-provided life insurance would be denied based on the "reckless driving charge" applied for driving while impaired by sleep deprivation. Not to mention that falling asleep at work is an egregious error that'll result in termination, and you can be turned into the board for your practice being impaired and unsafe due to sleep deprivation. Gotta make sure that employer is convenience, though! Even if it costs you life or limb or patient safety. Yeesh.
  9. HarleyvQuinn

    Best shoes for 12 hours

    I realize I'm quoting and talking to myself. It's okay because I pointed out that I'm self-aware. See avatar. I just wanted to point out that there was nothing uncomfortable about being on my feet for hours upon hours on end in my Danner Combat boots, either. Those suckers were awesome. Add in some thorlo boot socks and it was a great day.
  10. HarleyvQuinn

    Fired on my first day of work

    Hahahahahahaha! That DON is a troll! She saved you from a nightmare. The second she "threw me out" all that would be left was a cloud of dust, the ID badge and facility keys! I'd rather go back to Iraq. For free.
  11. HarleyvQuinn

    Best shoes for 12 hours

    My OrthoPod surgeon recommended Asics, too. I use the Gel Nimbus. Love them. This from someone he put a lotta work in on the feet/ankles.
  12. HarleyvQuinn


    Ours are better. "Platitudes" that are actually thinly veiled insults calling staff lazy. Same through email about teamwork and whatever other thing management accuses all staff of not being passive aggressively. This while actually pointedly ignoring these very same behaviors that are causing significant discord and conflict amongst staff and between staff and patients. Those who leave just lack loyalty, though.
  13. HarleyvQuinn

    Veterans disability exams (Compensation and Pension exams)

    Thank you. Those who take positions to perform the C&P are signing up for a tough job, but are also providing a necessary and helpful service to veterans. I'm sorry about those who are trying to misuse the benefits, as they're harming those who really need them. I'm in NP school myself, although I have more of an interest in ortho/pod from my time in service working with the Airborne division as an RN. I appreciate that you took the time to respond. I don't think you're victim blaming, but I did want to point out how prevalent it is.
  14. HarleyvQuinn

    Veterans disability exams (Compensation and Pension exams)

    Not that it's here or there or even really means anything, but as a vet that suffered not just the MST itself, but the humiliation and torment that came from daring to speak up about it, reading that hurts a bit. Did you know that when we deploy, females are instructed that they are not authorized to even go to the bathroom at night by themselves? Doing so, we're told, is putting ourselves out there to be raped by contractors or even those wearing our same uniform. Yes. We are warned to beware our own brothers in uniform, because sexual assault during deployment became that big of a problem. Can. Not. Even. Go. To. The. Bathroom. Had to sign forms that we were aware of this direction and that disobeying it was putting ourselves in direct danger. The victim blaming gets very tiring, very fast. Then again, I've been lucky. The only ones who gave me a hard time were those I was supposed to be able to rely on while in the service. The civilians I've seen at the VA and those who have done the C&P exams have been extremely nice and professional. If you do this, please don't become jaded. Yes, there are people that will try to abuse any system. There being a high number of MST cases? That alone isn't shocking to me. Military culture has allowed sexual assault to be a problem for a long time. It's not just my experience. I was also a Unit Victim Advocate for our hospital. Take a look at the Service Women's Action Network.
  15. HarleyvQuinn

    FNP program passing grade

    The program I'm attending also requires 80% for passing.