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HarleyvQuinn has 15 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Primary Care, Military.

Her Harleyness here!

I've been an RN with my BSN since 2007. I've worked in the specialties of maternal-child health, military, ER/trauma, pre-surgical testing, medical-surgical, outpatient pediatric, and inpatient psychiatric. I'm a graduate with my MSN-FNP as of 2021 with a dedication to caring for fellow veterans with a special interest in orthopedics/podiatry. 

I'm a disabled Army veteran and served in OIF ( '09-'11) in Baghdad with the 28th CSH. All American, All the Way, Airborne. 

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  1. Family history is definitely a major risk factor. I've told you before that I love your posts, right? I've learned a lot from you and really relate when I read your stories about working behavioral health. 😁
  2. Ohhh my. . . Just have that one go hide under the nursing station desk with one of the RNs I knew when a patient had a seizure 😖🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  3. HarleyvQuinn

    Hospitals charging nurses $100/month for parking?

    Yeah. The last hospital I worked for started issuing parking passes and I could see the writing on the wall that eventually it'd move to pay for 'em. They hassled me a few times about registering for two for both my vehicles or threatening me with be...
  4. Don't forget situational risk factors, too. The hospital where I began my career lost a talented CRNA after a tragic case. A woman died of an infection after her c-section and the team blamed the CRNA who performed the epidural, claiming this CRNA wa...
  5. HarleyvQuinn

    Freezing At A Critical Time

    I'll never forget when I was new and in orientation, the Head Nurse and our educator (civilian CNS) came in super early one morning to pull a mock code on us. This was on a busy mother-baby unit and no prior notice that they were doing the event. How...
  6. HarleyvQuinn

    Let's share some nursing tips

    I'll add that you should use a heel warmer for infants prior to getting blood samples, especially if you're doing the newborn screening. Really helps to get the blood sample you need with less fuss. Any time you are opening the diaper of a male...
  7. HarleyvQuinn

    Math questions and weird answers

    I saw a question about the conversion of grains to milligrams on a dosage calculation test when in orientation for an ER position as an RN once and laughed. I'd been an RN for 5 years already at the time and never ran across it. It's been over 14 yea...
  8. While I find this to be a necessary topic for us to consider among our colleagues, it's also important to remember how dangerous a topic that it can be, too. Disclosing a history of depression, PTSD, or other mental illness, even if completely stable...
  9. HarleyvQuinn

    Took A Gummy Which May Or May Not Have Had THC

    This violation is a flogging by the BON with thorned whips for the first time, THEN execution for the second offense. Floggings are scheduled monthly along with board meetings. Bring your own bandages. Tight budgets and all.
  10. HarleyvQuinn

    Inability to Bill Prevents Pharmacists from Prescribing Paxlovid

    This just in: Pharmacists decline to work for free just because Insurance agencies so frequently find ways to get Physicians, PAs, and NPs to. 🤦‍♀️
  11. HarleyvQuinn

    Monkeypox...Another Pandemic?!

    I suppose, in my view, it was gaining a lot of attention because it was seen as strange that it was gaining ground in countries that it had never before all of a sudden. All after we've struggled with a difficult pandemic. A disease we do already kno...
  12. HarleyvQuinn

    Monkeypox...Another Pandemic?!

    Really? In all the news surrounding the current spread, I've heard about how it's impacting predominantly men who have sex with men constantly. I, of course, can't say that all news sources are covering it in the same way, and the phrase "your mileag...
  13. HarleyvQuinn

    Monkeypox...Another Pandemic?!

    Probably because it's not a sexually transmitted infection. It's an infection that is spread by prolonged close contact, secretions, blood, contact with the rash/skin of those infected, scratches/bites from infected animals, or consuming said animal....
  14. HarleyvQuinn

    AGNP AANP- The Dos and Don'ts

    It probably isn't a good tool to use by itself, especially if you aren't familiar with what it is exactly and how it works to make the best use of it. The APEA tools work best after spending some time researching them and implementing them into eithe...
  15. HarleyvQuinn

    Should nurses be forced to wear tracking device at work?

    Right? Already self-conscious about the situation, which is just made so much worse. 🤣 Some people play a game or two of uno on their phone to pass the time while doing their thing. I imagine having a tracker on while trying to handle this situ...