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  1. OveritLPN

    License Renewal??

    I didn’t even have to do anything for my DUI just because it happen prior to getting my license. I had to go to counseling 1x a month and random drug screens. I had to do that bc I failed a UDS for marijuana at my job.
  2. OveritLPN

    License Renewal??

    So, I finished TNPAP last November. I only did 6 months d/t a failed drug test for THC bc everyone on the unit was tested for missing Percocets..and was ruled that I didn’t have an abuse diagnosis. So the question is, when I go to renew my license and it asks the dreaded question if I’ve been in treatment program, what do I say?!?!?? 4 years ago I got a DUI, prior to nursing school. I completed the program with no issues. What could happen? I reported to BON that I entered the program but I haven’t reported that I finished. Am I crazy for still having all this stress?!? Please help!

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