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  1. US RN moving to London UK

    Hi there! Yes I passed the OSCE by myself on my first attempt. I took the test at the Northern Ireland location which I believe was a big factor in my passing as the staff there was incredibly friendly and encouraging during the test, and also they h...
  2. US RN moving to London UK

    Hi there! I just finished my entire process from CBT-on the NMC register this February and have been working in Glasgow, Scotland since then. It was definitely a headache going through all of the paperwork and tests, but doable! You asked about hav...
  3. US Nurse Seeking Work in Scotland

    Hi there, I am wondering what ended up happening for you and your application? I am also a US RN who is trying to work in Scotland (I am already in Glasgow) and have been struggling through the registration process. Did you manage to continue your ...
  4. U.S. RN BSN moving to UK

    Hello ! I am in the same boat. I am a US RN who is moving to Glasgow, Scotland and in the midst of NMC registration. @kaitfinder can I please ask how you were offered a job with a hospital before taking the OSCE? That is my biggest challenge right no...
  5. US RN moving to London UK

    Hello, Can I ask how the both of you were able to get job offers before actually having your NMC pin number? I just moved to Glasgow, Scotland and am in the process of applying for jobs and just passed my CBT. I have not been able to even apply for ...
  6. NMC OSCE Preparation Scotland

    Hello all! My name is Alaina, I am moving to Scotland this August and am in the lengthy process of gaining my NMC registration and PIN...yikes. I am in the waiting phase now before I get the go-ahead to take the OSCE. I am wondering if there is anyon...
  7. US/Mexico Border Work

    Does anyone have experience working at the US/Mexico border as a nurse? Could be in public health directly at the border, nearby at hospitals that serve large populations of immigrants. I am a bilingual RN, currently volunteering at an NGO in Hondura...