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  1. UNC Chapel Hill ABSN - Summer 2022

    I’m sure the emails will be trickling out over the next few days. They originally said they’d be sent out later this week so just keep checking often and I’m sure you’ll be just fine ?
  2. UNC Chapel Hill ABSN - Summer 2022

    Just got my acceptance letter via email - check your email! Unfortunately, I'll be declining my offer since I've already committed to a program but that'll be one more open spot. Good luck everyone - hope you all get great news today!
  3. UNC Chapel Hill ABSN - Summer 2022

    Congrats on the acceptance to Duke! Hopefully you get into UNC as well since it’s your first choice but I’m sure you’ll be fine. I’m using my VR&E benefits since the GI Bill wouldn’t cover Duke’s tuition. It took a minute to get my initial appoin...
  4. UNC Chapel Hill ABSN - Summer 2022

    Getting close to that time! So I know I started this thread but I ended up getting accepted to Duke and the deadline to commit was a few months ago so I made the decision to commit to that program. Thankfully my veterans benefits are covering it othe...
  5. Duke ABSN Spring 2022

    I’m married with two kiddos and will be buying a home and planting roots right before school starts. I’m currently near Fayetteville and have been looking into either Cary or Durham. Only thing about Durham is that even though homes are a little chea...
  6. Duke ABSN Spring 2022

    Congrats guys! I’m still in shock. Now to wait for the financial aid email.
  7. Duke ABSN Spring 2022

    I just got the email! I was accepted! Hope all of us get good news today!
  8. Duke ABSN Spring 2022

    Thanks for the update and good luck to you as well!
  9. Duke ABSN Spring 2022

    Has anyone emailed admissions to ask if they have a target date in mind for releasing decisions? I'd do it but I feel like I've bothered them enough over the past month. LOL.
  10. Duke ABSN Spring 2022

    We’re getting close… Good luck everyone!
  11. Duke ABSN Spring 2022

    Mine has been under review for a couple of weeks now as well. I've been checking the status obsessively.
  12. UNC Chapel Hill ABSN - Summer 2022

    @EllaGyasi thank you, good luck to you as well!
  13. UNC Chapel Hill ABSN - Summer 2022

    @EllaGyasi I attended an information session a couple of months ago. Honestly, it mostly covered information that's already on the website. They mentioned that they typically receive about 269 applicants and admit 104 each year. A lot of time was spe...
  14. Duke ABSN Spring 2022

    Mine is still "Ready for Review". I just hope it actually gets reviewed since I applied so late. We'll see.
  15. Duke ABSN Spring 2022

    Hi everyone! I'm a little late to the party and to applying- literally just applied the other day after going back and forth about whether I should or not. I emailed the office of admissions and they essentially said there's a chance my application w...

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