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  1. Heidinurse

    Any 2018 Portland area nursing program applicants?

    I graduated from Sumner College and you do not need prerequisites to apply. I enjoyed the program and learned so much and was done with it in 2 years. you should look into the program if you are trying to get out in the field as quickly as possible.
  2. Heidinurse

    Sumner College RN

    Sumner has a solid program. I graduated from there and coworkers constantly tell me how advanced my skills are for a ADN level nurse. I was promoted within a few months after accepting a position. It was a difficult program but worth it.
  3. Heidinurse

    Sumner College ADN Grads input

    I graduated from the LPN program and was offered a job at my externship site the week before I graduated. I applied for the RN program in 2016 and was accepted and finished the program this past year. I was offered a position as a registered nurse at the hospital I completed my practicum. Sumner College is a great school and I have nothing but positive things to say about the education I received. The program is hard, but I passed the NCLEX after just 80 questions, and the school reimbursed me the costs to take the exam. I have referred 3 co-workers to the program over the past few years, and I have requested to precept future Sumner students. The financial aid department explains everything in detail so you do not have to stress about that part of nursing school. I also thought the administration was very supportive during my time at the school.