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  1. KellyFutureRN

    RN to BSN

    Hey Chrissy RN - How is the program going for you? completed? What tips can you give from your experience so far? Would you advice Capella as a great school to finish your BSN in 3 months? Please tell me anything more that will come useful.
  2. KellyFutureRN

    OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I have been waiting. I know 3 people who got accepted to their traditional pathway. Since their deadline was a week before the Badnap, I’m guessing they may send out emails next week or maybe earlier. I’m so nervous but expectant.
  3. KellyFutureRN

    OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I submitted my application! Praying to God now! Best of luck everyone!
  4. KellyFutureRN


    Hello Guys, I am sure most of us have read all through last applicants and followed their journey. Now,it's our turn and I am super nervous and excited like most of you. I decided to create this page to give us an early start to sharing our journey and stating our fears. Hoping that in all through the completion of our remaining pre-requisites and submission of our application this 2019 for the 2020 admission year, we will virtually have a committee that can be there for us. So, let's get rolling guys. Share your fears, your journey and your joys and let's get motivated together.

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