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  1. kdwrtw

    DNP-WHNP Programs??

    Hi! I’m an RN looking to go back to school to get my DNP in women’s health. There are no programs in my home state (Arizona) so I am looking for recommendations for online/hybrid programs! Thanks!
  2. kdwrtw

    Women’s Health DNP Programs??

    Hi! I’m a nurse in Arizona with my BSN and I’m looking to go back for my DNP in women’s health. I had planned on attending ASU, but after reaching out to them I learned their program is no longer available. From the research I’ve done, it doesn’t look like any of the other schools is Arizona offer that specialty either. I was hoping to find recommendations of online, or mostly online, programs. I know there are a couple of completely online schools, but I don’t know the reputation of any of them or really how else to find that out. Any information and/or advice anyone could give me would be really helpful! Thanks so much!!
  3. kdwrtw

    Mayo Clinic RN new graduate residency July 2019

    @Badger_RN Were you able to apply to Dignity Health already? I haven't seen any openings there and when I called HR they told me their new grad app didn't open until May?