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  1. I am currently applying to new nursing jobs at different hospitals at this time. I like my current position in the hospital I am in right now, the people I work with, it's benefits etc. and I've been with this hospital for a little over 2 years. With this in mind however, I have also been wanting to move to a new state to be closer to family and am in general looking for a lifestyle change. Basically, I am seeking work in other hospitals because of personal reasons, not because I dislike my current job. During my search, I found one hospital system that has gotten good reviews on this website, other websites, and people speak well of it. I went to apply for a position within this hospital, and once I opened the job application on it's website, it now requires me to list my current supervisor, my supervisors contact information and gives me a yes/no option if they can contact my supervisor in order to submit this job application. A possible scenario: they contact my supervisor, my supervisor finds out I am seeking work elsewhere and they do not provide me with a job offer. My fear: Boss now will not look favorably upon me and anytime a situation occurs in which there is conflict, negotiation etc: "JJKTY is trying to leave us anyway, why should we invest time for JJKTY or look out for a nurse who is not going to stay?" I have filled out numerous job applications in the past, this is the first that I've stumbled upon which requires this information. I know it's not wise to let others know within a company you're working for you are seeking work elsewhere. Is this info they are requesting a strange practice? Should I provide them with this contact information? Would it be a red flag for them if I told them not to contact my current supervisor that I am seeking a job within their hospital? Do I put my current job at risk if I give them this information?
  2. JJKTY

    HCA Hosptials in Denver?

    What is the consensus on HCA hospitals in the Denver area? Are they considered good places to work? Looking particularly at North Suburban Medical Center, Rose Medical Center, Centennial Medical Plaza, Swedish Medical Center and The Medical Center of Aurora.

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