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  1. Jen1990

    Citrus college Lvn-ADN fall2020

    hi no I still haven’t received anything. It’s kinda unfair that they haven’t even sent out a letter updating us, while other schools have at least something updated about thier programs. Hi I appreciate your comment updating ya. Anything else that you’ve heard regarding the program?
  2. Jen1990

    Citrus college Lvn-ADN fall2020

    Hi, yes I actually emailed the nursing department A few days ago asking if they had processed applications yet. They simply said due to this covid-19 situation they “are unable to provide an update on the nursing applications at this time” this makes waiting so much harder, they have to give those who are accepted a chance to study for the TEAS.
  3. Hey everyone I havent seen a thread for the advanced placement for fall 2020. So the application period is over, when are we supposed to be receiving emails about acceptance? Also what are your stats and have you taken the TEAS yet?

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