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  1. nurse_bri

    Drexel University PMHNP 2019

    Hey all!! I didn't apply to the PMHNP program but I did for FNP for Fall 2019! Has anyone heard anything regarding interviews or an admission decision?! I could not find a thread for FNP, and starting one no one has posted! Does anyone know anything about the FNP program?? Thanks!
  2. nurse_bri

    Online FNP Program

    Hi! I’m looking for an online FNP program. I’m looking to start in Fall 2019. I will have a year experience in December but I want to start school as soon as possible, and since my year is just a few months away from the start date I hope that’s considered. Any recommendations? I already applied to Drexel’s program. I have my RN license in PA, NY, and I’m working on endorsement for NJ.
  3. nurse_bri

    Drexel FNP Fall 2019

    Hi y’all! I figured I’d start a thread for the Drexel FNP Fall 2019 program! I would love to talk to others who have applied or previously attended!
  4. nurse_bri

    New Grad with Mixed Feelings

    ALSO: I work in PA and those familiar with nursing programs here there is diploma, associates, and bachelors. I have a BSN from a very prestigious university and my pay is the same as anyone starting with an associates and diploma program... it just feels degrading on top of everything else I stated above. Yes experienced nurses deserve more but those starting out is just frustrating... (no offense to those who have those degrees whatsoever...)
  5. nurse_bri

    New Grad with Mixed Feelings

    Hi all, I’m a new graduate RN currently working on a Neurosurgery/Orthopedic Trauma unit that is considered med-surg and stepdown at a level 1 Trauma center. I started the beginning of December and I’m just so confused on how I feel about nursing. I work 12 hour night shifts and just got off orientation about 2 weeks ago. I know I’ve only been there for 3 months but I already feel burnt out. Between drug seekers, unappreciated patients, and coworkers talking smack consistently and losing a social life and feeling “disconnected” from being on nights has really taken a toll on me. Once in awhile you’ll get that one patient that makes your shift fulfilling and worth it but it’s getting almost rare to find I’m lucky if my patients even remember my name and I would go above and beyond for them. I’ve talked with other coworkers and some have agreed that nursing is a sh***y job and not as satisfying but there’s always a demand for it. I’ve noticed a change in myself and so has my family and fiancé. I love nursing but at the same time I’m almost second guessing it. Ultimately I want to go for my masters in FNP and specialize in palliative/holistic care and work outpatient (I feel like a M-F 9-5 would be a better fit for me) and I love the whole aspect behind the family nursing specialty. After 6 months I will have my ACLS and TNCC since I’m in Trauma and I’m gonna get my PALS on my own. But just thinking about having to stay for a year in order to not break my contract stresses me. I’m loyal so I feel obligated to stay for the year but at the same time it’s hard. I feel having 6 patients on a level 1 Trauma unit is too many, we get so many admissions and on top of being Trauma/neurosurgery/orthopedics they want us to start taking in general surgery and oncology patients receiving iodine radiation therapy since our floor is the only one in the hospital with the NM specialized room for them. It’s a whole other level of care and we barely got trained for those patients. It just seems like it’s too much and overhearing conversations from other nurses talking negatively about other coworkers/management and that they want to leave and the changes on our unit makes me realize early in my career that I can’t make this a long term job at least on this unit. I can transfer after 6 months of experience to another unit, so I’m wondering if I should shoot for an outpatient position if there’s openings and then stay reserve on my unit? Just to keep the experience going and since I’m going for my FNP outpatient experience would help correct? I’m just so lost and mixed with emotions idek what to type right now or how to feel... thanks so much to everyone who reads/responds.
  6. Hi Everyone, First I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this. I graduated in May and passed my NCLEX mid-July and now I am hardcore struggling with finding a job. Is it really that difficult to find a job as a new RN? I am becoming hopeless but I am not giving up. I am sure you all understand how frustrating this is! I have easily applied for more than 20 jobs and even redid my resume and cover letter from scratch and had several people look over it. I have not been called for a single interview and whenever I check the job portals it says "not selected at this time." I have my RN license for NY (went to college in manhattan so I am looking to stay in the new york city area), BLS certification for the next two years, and I was involved in leadership positions along with volunteering which includes the medical team at the NYC marathon, student nursing for the Red Cross, and a pediatric unit and ER at a hospital and other experience as well. I also made a LinkedIn and plan on reaching out to nurse recruiters and talent specialists/HR for hospitals (has this worked for anyone???) Nursing is my passion and I am eager to start my career, it just seems like I am super stuck at the moment and don't know what to do.