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  1. Can I Take Adderall as an RN?

    Thank you vintagegal. I'm just worried some people might not give me a chance either way. I hope that I can find something that works for me. I'm just afraid, what if I can't ever do well enough?
  2. Can I Take Adderall as an RN?

    😂Awe, thanks! I always say no problem & my badge says no problama, LOL I was trying to attach a picture of the llama badge but I can't LOL. It is funny, you'll just have to imagine it
  3. Can I Take Adderall as an RN?

    Thanks Davey Do for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately, I do live with my parents and sister, but my family is not the most accepting when it comes to mental health issues, so I don't really share these things with them, but I will definitely ...
  4. Can I Take Adderall as an RN?

    Thanks, I hope I can be a good nurse. I feel like getting let go really shattered what tiny shred of confidence I had left. I totally understand their decision though. I wasn't improving. I was totally overwhelmed.
  5. Can I Take Adderall as an RN?

    Hi there, new grad RN here. I recently got let go from my first nursing job after 8 weeks of orientation because I wasn't progressing enough. I was already very depressed and struggling each day at work. I was showing up but found myself completely o...
  6. Struggling to Stay Afloat

    I do definitely need to be more independent. I feel bad that I'm not. Honestly it's really because I panic behind the wheel. I feel like I'm just a mess right now and I don't know how to fix it. I've tried therapy & multiple meds in college &...
  7. Struggling to Stay Afloat

    Thank you. For EAP we get 3 counseling sessions. I do not drive and unfortunately still live with my parents. My mom doesn't work so I don't have the privacy for telehealth as she is judgemental and always in my business or screaming at me for someth...
  8. Struggling to Stay Afloat

    I'm a new grad RN who graduated in August & just started my first nursing job a few weeks ago. I know people say it is normal for new grads to feel anxious and overwhelmed, but I truly feel I need to do something, but I don't know what. For conte...
  9. MetroHealth

    Hi there! I'm a senior nursing student in a BSN program currently looking at hospitals in Ohio to apply at. I was wondering if anyone works at MetroHealth and could tell me about your experience there or what sort of benefits are offered to new ...
  10. Depression making me question everything

    Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry you're going through this too x
  11. Hi. Senior nursing student here. I'm just not sure if I can be a nurse. I've been increasingly struggling with depression and just feeling extreme tiredness, loss of interest and motivation for almost 2 years now. On one hand, I want to give my all a...
  12. Finishing Nursing School w/ Depression

    I have insurance through my parents but they are judgemental about mental health, so I've not told them about my struggles w/ depression & anxiety. Plus their insurance isn't very good. I do see a counselor at my university for free though. Thank...
  13. Finishing Nursing School w/ Depression

    I could use some exercise too. I know that's supposed to be good for mood, but sometimes I just don't have the energy. I'm going to try and add in as much as is doable though. Thanks❤️
  14. Finishing Nursing School w/ Depression

    Hi there, Yes, I have finished my general education requirements luckily. This fall I'll have 16 credit hours, then 12 to finish up my degree in the Spring. 28 total left until I graduate (7 courses left).
  15. Finishing Nursing School w/ Depression

    Thank you for sharing, Jared! I'm glad you were able to get the appropriate help and that you were able to graduate and pursue further goals. CONGRATS btw! There are many supportive people at my school actually, which I found out after the unfortunat...