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paraRN has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. I Don’t Want To Be A Nurse

    Having the same crisis as OP and I wanted to say thanks for your post.
  2. Excelsior Paramedic track ADN-RN

    I passed the NCLEX last year and have been an RN for a year now. I also upgraded and got my BSN. I was also accepted to UTA for the MSN-FNP program.
  3. Staff Nursing is Exhausting

    I’m ready to come with you. I posted a similar thread tonight. I don’t want to wait 2 years for my FNP to leave though. My biggest issue is that I’m making $80/hr as a travel nurse and going back to staff at $40 isn’t worth it. It’s barely...
  4. One Year in and I’m done

    I became an RN a year ago after being a paramedic for 10 years. Every day I struggle with knowing I’m not meant for bedside nursing. I’ve tried a few different facilities and assignments, but it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, 12 hours of *** fr...
  5. Excelsior Paramedic track ADN-RN

    Graduated from EC. I'll be writing my NCLEX in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know when I pass. Thanks for believing in me.
  6. NNAS process

    I should grad in the next month or so and am preparing to try to register in BC as an RN. I'll keep everyone in the loop on how it goes. I have a BA previously and an ASN for my RN. Do you think I need to upgrade to a BSN first? I am thinking WGU.
  7. Excelsior Paramedic track ADN-RN

    Cpne eligible. Thank you for the love and support. I'll be an RN soon.
  8. Excelsior Paramedic track ADN-RN

    I took a few all over. I don't remember which I took where, but I did Micro and A&P via uexcel, dev psych and math via EC online courses (8 week) and a couple with Straighterline I believe. I registered well ahead for the ECEs. You get a 16 week ...
  9. Excelsior Paramedic track ADN-RN

    Calm down. That's what the program has taught me so far, and several others have expressed that as well. Go find something else to be outraged over and quit wasting my time.
  10. Excelsior Paramedic track ADN-RN

    Oh boy. I've connected with quite a few medics in the program, and we all typically have the same problems. Nursing is completely different than emergency medicine. While A&P and experience may help you understand concepts, it won't help you as a...
  11. Saddleback Nursing Fall 2020

    I lived in MV for many years. I know alumni of Saddleback who speak highly of it. Enjoy!
  12. 100% Online FNP Programs...Your Thoughts

    Dropping in because I'm interested as well. I won't be ready for about a year but it doesn't hurt to research ahead of time.
  13. What prerequisites can I test out of?

    I was able to bring in 7 ACE and did 2 via CLEP that I couldn't transfer over (English Lit / Psych) and then did 2 ECE (micro/A&P) test-out. I didn't have math or lifespan development so I elected to take those via EC online and had no problems p...
  14. Anyone recently taken excelsior health differences?

    I am taking this test tomorrow. I have scored 65 and 68% on the practice tests. I got much lower in Micro/A&P and did well on the exam. NURx104 here we go!
  15. Excelsior Paramedic track ADN-RN

    Hey y'all. I just got into the RN program after passing my TEAS. I am thrilled to start! Are there any other Paramedics out there that have or are currently doing the online program? I'd love to hear how you felt it went overall, especially with the ...