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    How I passed and what worked for me

    Disclaimer: These are the methods I used to pass the NCLEX. This may or may not work for you because everyone is different with different education background. I'm a U.S born and raised citizen who studied nursing in the Philippines. It took me a full year to process my papers once I graduated so it was easy for me to slack off while I was waiting. When I was finally able to register for my ATT, reality hit me. I picked up a book, downloaded UWorld which is what everyone recommended and went to studying only to figure out I had holes in my knowledge everywhere. I didn't know where to start and what to study. Come time for my first NCLEX exam I failed at 75 and was very disheartened but felt that I deserved to fail since I didn't study hard enough. Between my first and second test I did more UWorld questions, failed but at 87. Realized that I was atleast getting somewhere. In between my second and third take, I had finished all of the Uworld Qbank and had done the predictor test and got a very high chance to pass. I failed for a third time and at 75. I didn't know what to do at that point but I knew I couldn't give up. People also mentioned something about Kaplan review. I had a few friends that took it but half of the things I heard about Kaplan were mixed. At this point I wanted to just use anything that could help me. So i subscribed to the Online course with with live classes and content reviews. I watched all 322 content videos, took the 7 day live courses, watched the live recording of different topics, took most of their tests and finished more than half their Qbank. I was getting 50s roughly 60s on the Qbank tests and 50s on the Practice tests and I felt like I was doing OK. Three months have passed since the third time I took it so I felt like it was about time to try my hand again. Took it my fourth time and PASSED at 101. This time I felt like I earned it. Kaplan helped me pass the NCLEX however Uworld did slightly help with the more basic questions. The main thing I want to point out is the amount of failures that help me realize that I wasn't studying hard enough. Failure is what kept me going and is what humbled me throughout the studying process. For all of my fellow international graduates, a high percentage of you will fail the first time. Just don't give up and study. Eventually you WILL PASS be it your first time, fourth time, or even your 20th time. John Paul Barasona, BSN RN
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    Kind of at a loss

    Hi guys, I'm a BSN international student, born and raised in the states but went abroad for school and I'm kind of at a loss. For the first time i took the NCLEX, i stopped at 75 and failed, for the second time i stopped at 86 and failed but that meant i did better than the first time. I just recently took the NCLEX for the 3rd time and stopped at 75 and when i went to do the PVT, it went through, meaning that I failed and inherently did worse. I've been doing Uworld and did an assessment exam for each time i went to do the NCLEX. the first 2 assessment exams i scored borderline and for the 3rd assessment exam i scored very good which is the best. I did many practice exams in preparation for my 3rd attempt scoring in the 60s and 70s in Uworld and a Kaplan Practice Test Review Book. I was confident on my 3rd attempt but I did worse despite my scores during my review. I don't know what direction to go in right now and I'm kind of lost. Any tips and words of encouragement? Much needed right now.