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  1. friendlyskies

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    I am single, in my late 20s, and I have about $65,000 in private loans and $255,000 in federal loans. I was a minor when taking out the majority of those loans over 10 years ago, and basically at the behest of my parents, who said they needed the mon...
  2. Now that I am out of work because I'm sick, I'm pretty sure I hate bedside nursing. Don't get me wrong - the work is meaningful, but the meaning gets lost when politics, crappy administration, and total lack of protection and regard for nurses set th...
  3. friendlyskies

    Just started job and I think I'm getting sick

    Would love some advice. I'm a bit scared and alone with no family. I am a relatively new nurse and I started a new position a few months ago before all this craziness broke out. We have COVID patients in our facility. We have no PPE so I am bringing ...
  4. I live in a state with full autonomy for NPs and I ultimately want to open my own clinic. I'm having trouble deciding between FNP or PMHNP as I am interested in both. Someone suggested I do one and get the other later. Any thoughts?
  5. friendlyskies

    Experience required to join AF Reserves?

    Anyone know where I can find information on this? I checked the website and didn't see an answer. I talked to a recruiter who was very rude and dismissive and told me I should only apply when I'm older and after I get my NP, which was surprising to m...
  6. Hi all! I'm currently in an entry-level generalist MSN program and would like some opinions on further steps. I plan on getting a DNP or PhD eventually and definitely want to have an FNP certification. I'm trying to decide whether to get an online...