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  1. Flight Nurse cover letter - new to flight

    I am applying for a flight nurse job, and in addition to the online application, I want to mail a paper resume (nice paper, fancy envelope, etc...) to the flight director. My resume is good, but I'm having trouble writing a cover letter that is convi...
  2. New nurse overutilizing ED tech

    Our ED is fairly busy. We have a steady stream of ambulances coming in, as well as a high number of psychiatric patients that the police bring in and that come through the door. As far as techs, this means they are going room to room doing EKGs, draw...
  3. New nurse overutilizing ED tech

    Making this short....I am an ER nurse. We have a nurse that just started in the ED, she came from med surg and inpt psych. I have multiple complaints from our ED techs that this nurse is asking techs to do things she could do herself. For example, as...