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  1. thepitbull

    New nurse overutilizing ED tech

    Our ED is fairly busy. We have a steady stream of ambulances coming in, as well as a high number of psychiatric patients that the police bring in and that come through the door. As far as techs, this means they are going room to room doing EKGs, drawing blood, running POC testing, taking patients to xray, CT, MRI, taking patients to the floor, changing out psych patients into ER scrubs....lots of things that they know to do automatically. Of course they are available to assist nurses with whatever we ask for, but like I said, for the most part, they are self-directed. Yes, they get discharge vitals for us. But when you as the nurse are walking into the room with discharge instructions in your hand (again, this is just one example), it's not hard to grab vitals, especially when the tech you ask to do this has 3 people that need to go to xray, blood to draw and call lights going off. The techs come to me for advice as far as what to do about this. Maybe I'm asking for a phrase or something to tell the techs to say to this nurse that is kind, respectful and not confrontational. This nurse is very nice and I'm not looking to cause trouble.
  2. thepitbull

    New nurse overutilizing ED tech

    Making this short....I am an ER nurse. We have a nurse that just started in the ED, she came from med surg and inpt psych. I have multiple complaints from our ED techs that this nurse is asking techs to do things she could do herself. For example, asking a tech to get discharge vitals as she walks into the room with the tech. She could get them herself as she gives dc instructions. We are swamped and our techs have other things to do. Many many more examples like this. Our techs in the ED are self-directed and don't need to be told what to do. What do I say to this nurse so she gets that this is not med surg or psych, that we do not ask someone else to do what we can easily do ourselves?