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I am applying for a flight nurse job, and in addition to the online application, I want to mail a paper resume (nice paper, fancy envelope, etc...) to the flight director. My resume is good, but I'm having trouble writing a cover letter that is convincing/persuasive as to the fact that I've never flown, but my experience is great and that I would be a good candidate despite this. VERY abbreviated nursing experience is: ER nurse for over 13 years, peds and adult, level one trauma, house supervisor, community outreach/event medical staffing, preceptor, clinical educator, multiple ride/fly alongs. Certs/classes are ACLS, PALS, TNCC, ATCN, NRP, CEN, TCRN

I'm not looking to copy a cover letter - I can write one myself. But I am STUCK on what to write????

Please help me nurse friends!



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As with everything, it depends. In this case it depends on the mission of the group you want to work for.

Is this a service that does a high volume of remote clinic transports and scene calls? If so focus on the skills you have in patient triage, resuscitation of the undifferentiated patient and scene management. This is a great time to talk about the skill set you have from event medical staffing. Scene management and autonomy in an unfamiliar environment are areas that many new flight nurses struggle with.

On the other hand if this service does predominantly interfacility transports, particularly small ICU to big ICU you need to focus on your extended critical care skills. Whether you obtained those by being clinical educator and teaching low occurrence/high risk topics or frequently precepting in you resuscitation/trauma area, cross-covering the ICU etc. If you are able to, obtaining CCRN is probably the certification that helps you more in this area.

In your cover letter and you interview, you need to differentiate yourself from the pool of people who have a resume meeting the experience requirements, but not much else. Great flight nurses are adaptable, clinically excellent, and confident without being overbearing. Helicopters/planes/CCT ambulances and their staff are a huge PR tool, so nobody wants to hire someone who would make a poor impression on the public.