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  1. Mother Baby Unit

    Also I'd like to add another question, regarding vitals. For the sake of psyching myself out, what vital signs are nurses looking for from their mother and baby PT's. The ideal Vitals. These questions are asked a lot in interviews, so I just wanted t...
  2. Mother Baby Unit

    Thank you!
  3. Mother Baby Unit

    Hello, I am a CNA & Nursing Student. My questions is regarding the Mother and Baby Unit and some tips for working in this unit as a CNA: What are all/some of the CNA duties? How do these CNA's differ from other CNA's working with only adults...
  4. Please let me know some of your favorite hospital gear/apparel, such as scrub brands, most comfortable shoes, compression socks yes or no? stethoscope brands? and anything else you can think of that has helped you feel comfortable throughout a 12 hou...
  5. Do Med/Surg Hospitals accept LTAC experience?

    Thank you! The fact that you said not SNF, makes me feel way better. I did have many SNF offers, but I didn't feel like I'd get the experience I was looking for to get into my ideal hospital some day.
  6. Do Med/Surg Hospitals accept LTAC experience?

    Thank you!!
  7. Advice on how to end up in the NICU

    Thanks for the advice!!
  8. Advice on how to end up in the NICU

    Thank you! I accepted not to get hired into the NICU right out of the nursing program, just wanted to know if there was like a route nurses go. Volunteer baby holder is an option I can go, thankfully! Thanks for some real advise.
  9. Advice on how to end up in the NICU

    I am a working CNA in a LTAC Hospital, applying to the local nursing programs next fall. I am also applying to my local county hospitals internship, where you can work hands on in all departments. MY QUESTION IS, how does one get into the NICU? I kn...
  10. Do Med/Surg Hospitals accept LTAC experience?

    I am a new grad CNA, I worked in a Psych Hospital for a couple months now, but started looking into other hospitals because I want more hands on, medical experience as a CNA. Ideally I would love to work at my local large Hospital (Palomar Hospital)....