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  1. student0075

    Online PreReq suggestions?

    Any advice as to goood places to knock some prerequisite out? Thinking about taking Nutrition and Psychology online. Looking for place that isn't too expensive or would like somewhere i could get financial aid/payment plan? Thanks!
  2. Is anyone applying to NYU for spring 2019 Second Degree transfer? Do you think if I'm doing it after the priority deadline but before the final I'll have a chance. I went to a good university and graduated with 3.5 GPA, but was a non-science major with some non-science work experience. However, I believe I have a strong personal statement and good LORs. I've only taken statistics and psychology, so I plan on applying to Second Degree Transfer program, taking a semester to catch up on pre reqs. Anyone one else applying to that program/have applied with a similar background? Thanks!

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