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xwill327 has 9 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Psych RN BC.

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  1. You're disgusting
  2. Damn. Right: I am not trying to be polite! My truer gay colors will shine! Well I am telling you that is not helpful into what I am trying to accomplish here. so baiii hun
  3. The disgrace is that you read the post and didn’t focus on the issue at hand, instead said we shouldn’t be talking about our sexuality at work. Please follow the comments 😀(me trying to be nicer to you all)
  4. As expressed previously: I am not here to be polite. So your comment is not needed. Stick to the facts! No shoulda coulda woulda!
  5. Explored rainbows. Wow. Let’s leave it at that. Like I said: disgraceful
  6. Wrong for not seeing the overt hate in the comment made. Instead saying to be kept quiet. Don’t jump to conclusions hun.
  7. You mean opinion. If you read back the 60 comments your type of comment is irrelevant to the topic. To be honest for a gay millennial to not condemn this comment made disgraceful. Cheers m good luck 🍀
  8. Missing the point of the post... Don’t be a follower! First nursing lesson
  9. Can’t believe I’m even commenting on this post but: it’s not a preference AMY!
  10. I am not here to be polite. I am sharing my story to make awareness and to FIGHT. trust me it goes beyond this forum! The workplace LEGALLY needs to be a safe space where you are free to be who you are, and that INCLUDES Your gender identity. The i...
  11. Victim blaming and attacking. Like I said stay out of my comments with your negativity. Clearly pulling me down. Don’t care who or what you are.
  12. As a travel nurse, I expect to experience whatever is thrown at me. What I experienced at Metropolitan State Hospital was beyond my expectations. It was an unbelievable encounter with rudeness, hate, racism, and xenophobia. On the first day at ...
  13. xwill327

    New grad - best place to start?

    I agree that starting with psychiatry is the way to go. But you can never be too knowledgeable so going with tele where you will learn a lot and have a foot in the door isn’t a bad idea. You can do 6 months to a year and just transfer. As for the psy...
  14. xwill327

    Interview with the Psych Nurse

    It’s great when a psych nurse can be empathetic to their patients from the education they received in nursing school combined with previous patients they have cared for. I believe they can give even better care when they had experienced it first hand...
  15. Working in psychiatry as a nurse is a challenge, to say the least. As a travel nurse, it is possible to take a new contract every 2-3 months which means 4 new employee orientations a year. Yikes! Being THE new nurse is not easy. How To Make Teamwork...