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  1. Hey everyone thanks for all the advice and defense I needed it. It did not go well. I do have an opportunity to go back and finish my degree but my financial aid is now the issue. Thanks for all the support!
  2. Hey guys I need advice. Apparently I'm in trouble for a social media post. I posted on my Facebook a picture of me in a scrub cap in a locker room and said "I'm so lucky that I got to see a C-section. Learned so much in OB." There are 2 other posts like that. My school's policy states that you can't take a picture of a patient or an activity. I didn't feel I took a picture of an activity though. To me that meant don't post in a procedure etc. . Now I have to meet with my director, my teacher, and my clinical coordinator and until then I can't go to clinical. I feel like this just spells doom that I'm going to be expelled. I have 5 weeks till I graduate. Advice please!
  3. Sweetb90

    Need a little encouragement

    Hey guys. I'm at the end of my rope. For a brief history I went through an entire ASN program and failed my final exam right before graduation by 0.9. I tried LPN school but didn't feel it was for me and now I'm in a BSN program or at least I hope I still am. I got written up for being late to a clinical this last Saturday when the professor gave us the wrong time to attend in an email and didn't correct it via email only in an announcement that I missed. Same professor also wants to write me up for not turning in my online documentation for clinical even though I explained to her that I was having technical issues and could she please cut me some slack. She said no so I'm facing dismissal from the program. Then to top it all off I didn't do well on my final exam today and may have to apply for readmission. I know in my bones that I am meant to be a nurse. Has anyone else faced this many difficulties in nursing school or am I just a complete failure?