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  1. Hi everyone, The school finds that I'm lacking my competency at acute care placement and they wanted to find me a consolidation at an acute care setting instead of giving out random placement (which they usually do for other students). As a result, they had a difficulty finding me a placement due to limited spots at the hospitals. Now, I just heard from the school that they might NOT be able to find a consolidation placement for this winter semester 2019 at all. (I am the only student who doesn't have the placement right now in this program) As I am already 6 weeks behind than other students and the fact that the faculty only works until May, the extensions might not even be able to cover the late start. Now they are thinking of giving up trying to find a placement for me this term and delay it to Fall semester (September) 2019. I do have some electives that I was going to complete meanwhile during spring/summer term but that doesn't change the fact that my graduation will be delayed. I will want to sue the school right now because I feel like it's unfair that they try to find an acute care placement just for me and as a result, I have no placement that delays my graduation.\ Bear in mind that I am really emotional right now, and I haven't properly explained things. Any advice??