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AGENCY RN vs STAFF RPN for Unit Lead Role


Hi guys,

I am a RN who's currently practicing in Ontario.

I am currently working at COVID unit with four months contract at one of the local hospital in the suburban city near Toronto. It's been about two months since I started working at this hospital.

I just wanted to hear your opinion on the unit lead role at this unit as the hospital is always making staff RPN as a unit lead despite me or other RNs from agency are working for the same shift. I felt that it was out of RPN's scope when competent RNs are working for the same unit. It feels just wrong to be managed/ordered by RPN since I never worked under RPNs before...

What do you guys think ?

GBC_Student, BSN, LPN, RN

Has 5 years experience.

I used to work for a company where this was often the situation. I was a full-time RPN and I'd often be charge nurse if the other nurses working were agency or part time RN's.