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    What should I do?

    Hi, I’m planning to take anatomy this fall, but I’m in a dilemma on which teacher to take. There’s one teacher who has really, really good reviews vs all the other teachers who have bad reviews. I recently got into student government, and meetings are generally Wed (11am-2pm) about 1-2x a month. The good teacher has lectures on Wed (11-1pm), so I would be skipping at most 1-2 lectures each month. Would you suggest that I take the good teacher where I might have to skip a lecture or two, or should I just go with a bad teacher and wish the best of luck to myself? I’m stressing out on what to do, since all I’ve heard from other students are that the good teacher lectures well and has a high passing rate, while the other teachers are known for having their students retake the class.
  2. Hi, I'm currently in CC doing my prerequisites for cal state nursing programs. I've checked on assist to see which classes at my school fit the requirements for cal states, and wanted to ask about repeating a course. For chemistry, most cal states accept these classes from my school for their chemistry requirement: Intro to chem., general chem., & chem for allied health majors. However, I feel like just doing intro to chem by itself would not be beneficial as it is an introductory course, so I would like to do general chemistry. The problem is, most cal states would accept Intro to chem in their chemistry requirement, and taking general chem would be considered as a "repeat". So I just wanted to ask if repeating a class would hurt my chance in getting in. Thank you.