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  1. stormii

    MT. SAC ADN FALL 2021

    hi, I was wondering where can I find the nursing application? 🙂 I can't seem to find it through their website.
  2. stormii

    Fresno State Nursing Program (BSN) Fall 2019

    hi everyone! I was wondering, does Fresno look primarily at prerequisites GPA or overall GPA?
  3. stormii

    Fresno State Nursing Program 2022 Fall

    is this cumulative GPA or only the prerequisite GPA?
  4. stormii

    California to Texas - Transfer

    Hi! Are you from Texas? I was wondering if Texas universities only look at science GPA and not overall, because it seems that TWU does that?
  5. stormii

    What are some classes that help boost my GPA?

    Tbh taking classes that are either 4 or 5 units are the best way to boost your GPA the farthest, and quickest. I’ve been also trying to boost my GPA, but have noticed that 3 unit classes only take it up a little, and 1-2 barely helps at all. If I wanted to only take 3 unit classes to go up a point, it would take me several semesters.
  6. stormii

    California to Texas - Transfer

    Hello! Has anyone from CA moved to Texas for schooling, specifically BSN programs? I’m currently looking at some BSN programs (like TWU) in Texas because CA is sooo competitive.
  7. stormii

    Low GPA

    What's your TEAS/HESI score? I think if you do amazing on those, you have a better chance in ADNS than CSUs/UCs tbh. If you want a way where you know for sure you would get into nursing, you would need to go to private. Privates generally accept everyone because $$. I also live in CA, and it's really, really competitive here. Most CSUs/UCs applicants have a GPA above 3.8+, and their TEAS are generally around the 90s. Before going to my current CC, I went to UCI for my freshman year and did absolutely horrible because I was going through mental health issues, and I left with a GPA of 2.791 LOL. Took half a year off to get help, and then started going to my current CC, and although I have an amazing science GPA, my cumulative GPA is not that great due to UCI. I'm also discouraged about this and am also worried about my future. We probably have better chances at either ADNs, private schools, or out of states. It's the sad reality of living in CA 😞 I'd start looking at all the ADNs in CA and go through their requirements. Find out about how many times you can take the TEAS/HESI and their policy regarding repeats. Most schools in CA only one repeat of a science class, and that's it. It also helps that you have volunteered and are getting your CNA, which puts you at an advantage.
  8. stormii

    TEAS - anatomy portion

    Hello, for those who have taken the exam, I was wondering if we need to know the anatomy of all the systems? Like do I need to know all the bone names and where they are located/connected to, know the anatomy structure of the male/female reproductive system (like how the penis hangs from the perineum b/w pubic bone & coccyx, etc), etc. Thank you!
  9. stormii

    Cumulative GPA - CSULA & SDSU

    I believe SDSU takes the GPA from all previous instiutions. SDSU defines the Cumulative GPA as: “An average based on all courses attempted at SDSU and transferable courses at other universities, liberal arts colleges, and community colleges.” And I believe that is for CSULA as well. I don't think any CSU BSN only counts the last 60 units, but I could be wrong!
  10. Hello, I’m currently taking my last prerequisite (microbio) this semester, but I’m currently in a dilemma. Since I finish my last class this semester, I am able to apply for cal state's nursing programs this October/November, however, I have not taken the TEAS test yet. Since my microbio class is now online, I have to put more of my time into the class so that I am able to pass, but at the same time if I want to apply for transfer this year, I would need to take the TEAS test before January. I guess what I’m asking for is whether or not I should apply for transfer this year or wait another year. If I do it this year, I would need to juggle between microbio and studying for the TEAS, which can be overwhelming, especially since I practically forgot anatomy/physio since I took them long time ago. I can also fail the science portion pretty badly since I only have such a short period of time to study. I could also just apply next year, and have practically the whole year to study and ace the exam, but for this situation, I personally feel like I’m so behind in my life. I know for my age, it’s not bad, I practically have my whole life to do this and figure it out, but I just feel bad for putting it off another year when I could’ve been in school, and I also feel like I’m disappointing my parents as well. I get overwhelmed with anxiety, and I feel pretty bad about myself and constantly put myself down (esp since I had left UCI after freshman year, and I should’ve been graduating next year). What would you do in my situation? Any advice would be really helpful!
  11. stormii

    Cal States- Transfer

    Hi! I had a question regarding transferring to Cal State BSN programs. I'm currently finishing up the 8 prerequisites for specific Cal States, and I currently have 2 left that I'm hopefully going to finish this spring semester. My question is for those who have transferred or planning to transfer to Cal States: if I finish my last 2 classes this spring, does this make me illegible to apply for fall this year? I've been researching online and some say that as long as I finished my classes before spring 2021 then I can apply, but then I see other sites saying that I was supposed to finish my prereqs during fall 2019 to apply for 2020.
  12. stormii

    TEAS and HESI

    Hi, I was wondering if both the TEAS and HESI exam will test microbiology? I plan to take the exams this summer, but I unfortunately can’t take microbiology until fall 2020 as there are no room for me to join a class.
  13. stormii

    Low cumulative GPA - feeling discouraged

    Can I ask which CSU she got in? That's really encouraging knowing that she got in with those stats!
  14. Hi, about two years ago I was a freshman at UCI and was struggling academically and socially due to my depression. I had left the school before sophomore year so that I can get help, but I had left the school with a gpa of 2.791. I’m now currently in CC, and I am passing each prerequisite with A’s. If I keep up with the way I study and work, I’ll have a 4.0 gpa for my prereqs. However, the thing that is really discouraging me from applying to cal states nursing programs is my cumulative gpa. I have calculated my cumulative gpa and it has come out to be a 3.2. If I get good grades in my last two prereqs, I can get it up to a 3.3. My cumulative gpa doesn’t make me competitive at all, and this really discourages me a lot. I do plan on taking additional classes so that I can raise it up, but at most, it can get up to 3.6 if I continue to take classes until next spring (‘21), but I wanted to apply next fall (‘20). I don’t really know what to do, if I want to get it up to a 3.7/3.8, I’ll have done over 120 units (combo of my 30 units from UC to all the units I’m taking at CC). Has anyone ever been in this situation? Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
  15. stormii

    What should I do?

    Hi, I’m planning to take anatomy this fall, but I’m in a dilemma on which teacher to take. There’s one teacher who has really, really good reviews vs all the other teachers who have bad reviews. I recently got into student government, and meetings are generally Wed (11am-2pm) about 1-2x a month. The good teacher has lectures on Wed (11-1pm), so I would be skipping at most 1-2 lectures each month. Would you suggest that I take the good teacher where I might have to skip a lecture or two, or should I just go with a bad teacher and wish the best of luck to myself? I’m stressing out on what to do, since all I’ve heard from other students are that the good teacher lectures well and has a high passing rate, while the other teachers are known for having their students retake the class.
  16. Hi, I'm currently in CC doing my prerequisites for cal state nursing programs. I've checked on assist to see which classes at my school fit the requirements for cal states, and wanted to ask about repeating a course. For chemistry, most cal states accept these classes from my school for their chemistry requirement: Intro to chem., general chem., & chem for allied health majors. However, I feel like just doing intro to chem by itself would not be beneficial as it is an introductory course, so I would like to do general chemistry. The problem is, most cal states would accept Intro to chem in their chemistry requirement, and taking general chem would be considered as a "repeat". So I just wanted to ask if repeating a class would hurt my chance in getting in. Thank you.