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  1. RN from NYC is willing to endorse a license in Florida ( multistate license). Can I start the process without physically living there and providing FL address? It is a bit complicating to find a job without having Florida's license but when it ...
  2. butterfly1980

    NCLEX Exam November 2018

    hey there! Did you pass? i know the feeling...its nerve wracking for sure.
  3. butterfly1980

    Any post NCLEX thoughts?

    Hey there. Did you pass your test? I know the feeling...
  4. butterfly1980

    I heard they were making the NCLEX harder in January 2019

    Hi there. I am from NYC.:). I had opportunity to take my test yesterday ( Aug.27). was able to finish after 126 question...have no clue what to think. I would say 1/3 of all question were SATA. My last questions were easy though...What website shoul...