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  1. drug calculation

    Hey good to see another Kiwi out here yep but at Counties Manukau we mostly used TDS.. but I have heard about TID too!!
  2. drug calculation

    I am from new zealand thats why its different
  3. drug calculation

    TDS= three times a day
  4. drug calculation

    Hi Can someone please help me with the following drug calc. I am a bit stuck!! Mrs. A was prescribed 800mg. of metronidazole tds. Pharmacy has supplied suspension with a dosage of 500mg/ml. How much would you administer to this resident? a) per dose-...
  5. Was I hired? I'm freaking out

    I am so much in a similar situation. I am a new grad from NZ and I had an interview last friday it was a general interview at the hospital. The new Grad co-ord told me there were new opportunities coming up for new grads soon and they wanted me to in...
  6. NZ state exam

    I recently gave an interview for the talent pool didnt get through the first round of ACE.. I am so worried as I have done most of my placements through out my course on medical wards except for mental health and community. I had been to a talent poo...
  7. Be a Nurse in Australia or New Zealand

    NEW ZEALAND all the way!! Yes salary wise australia is better.. but if you need to work in an environment which is friendly and welcoming and you would prefer to give second preference to salary then NEW ZEALAND is the best bet!!
  8. Interview went well but no call afterwards...

    I am in the same situation, have been attending interviews and everything goes well during the interviews. But I have no idea why i am not given jobs! Just wanted to know is there any way to know if the reason could be references?
  9. Interview

    Oh OK. sorry I did not realize that. Any ways thank you for the reply :)
  10. Interview

    yes i understand that K+! I was just a bit anxious coz they havent given me a time as this was a talent pool round. As in for the candidates who couldnt make it throught the comp match process. And the next intake starts on 11sept thats y i was being...
  11. Interview

    Hi I have recently completed my Bachelors in nz and have been applying for graduate programs. I have attended one interview, it was behavioral based quests as well as i had to enact a surgical scenario where 25 years old female was admitted into war...