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  1. I've seen a lot of RN to MSN bridge programs for students who have their ADN (not BSN). How does this work for common hospital requirements for BSN within ~1-2 years of employment? If you're enrolled in a RN -> MSN bridge program, are most hospitals okay with this in progress (even it it takes ~2-3 years to complete)? ANY and all advice is appreciated because I know it may vary regionally. Thanks so much!
  2. My school (ADN program) is promoting a dual enrollment option with the University of Phoenix to earn BSN (online) while also taking coursework and clinicals for ADN/AAS in person. What are your thoughts about how much WHERE your BSN degree is from matters for future nursing jobs and/or future grad school? I know University of Phoenix doesn't necessarily have an outstanding reputation, but is a BSN the same value no matter where it's from? My main draw is the inexpensive tuition there vs. other local universities. Any insight you can share is greatly appreciated. Thanks!