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  1. Guest716636

    Nursing 2020?

    Goodluck both! My midterms got submitted yesterday so hopefully its good news! If your top 4: english,math,bio,chem is good then there's a good chance
  2. Guest716636

    Low pre-health sci marks

    I'm currently taking pre-health sci to get into the bscn program in the fall of 2020. My 2nd semester grades are not doing so well right now, mid 70's in both Biology and Chemistry. Is there anyone here who had to go back and upgrade their science marks after completing pre-health with low grades?
  3. Guest716636

    Started pre-health science(ontario)

    Hello Sunshine205, Thank you so much for your advice! I started pre-health 2 weeks ago and your right, its a very content heavy program lol. The college environment is definitely alot different than high school thats forsure. I feel like most instructor expect student to know certain for information or get left behind. Some of my instructors work off the textbook and some will just do presentation slides like my Chem and bio instructor. I had to get a voice recorder just to keep up with the slides haha. I have 2 assignments due this week on top of a quiz. I might die before the end of first semester
  4. Guest716636

    Started pre-health science(ontario)

    So I finally started my pre-reqs course at my local college and found out that all the courses don't have assignments and just a bunch of tests and an exam. Its the same for every course like chemistry,biology and math. Is there anyone here who took pre-health science at a college in Ontario? How did you guys prepared and study for the tests and exams?
  5. Guest716636

    RN in Doctor's Office

    I have seen RN in ENT's office
  6. Guest716636

    What pathway should I take?

    23 is still sooo young!! if you gonna take the 4 year nursing program do it now. You will be making alot more and most importantly building a career for yourself. I'm turning 30 this year and will be taking pre-health next month to get my pre-requites. I regret everyday that I didn't take this path earlier on in my life. All my friends have stable career and a family at this age while I'm just starting pre-requites lol.
  7. Guest716636

    I can't find a JOB!! I'm so discouraged

    Any new grads that can't find a job. Have you tried relocating to a smaller city like Chatham, Ontario? Hospitals and nursing homes around here are always looking people. I know smaller city can boring but eh! if you can hired and gain experience you always move back!
  8. I recently completed my grade 12 English and Math through the Ace program offered here in Ontario. My Original plan was to go into the RPN program after I get my bio and chem credit. But now I'm thinking about going into the pre-health so I can take the RN program. I'm just abit worried since I have never taken chemistry before. Has anyone taken the pre-health program without any biology or chemistry background? is it doable?

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