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Low pre-health sci marks

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I'm currently taking pre-health sci to get into the bscn program in the fall of 2020.

My 2nd semester grades are not doing so well right now, mid 70's in both Biology and Chemistry. Is there anyone here who had to go back and upgrade their science marks after completing pre-health with low grades?

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Its dependent on which school you applied to, as well as your first semester marks (what they base it off of I think*) and CASPer results. 

I’m also in a pre-health program to get into either RPN or BScN, and it’s definitely a lot tougher than first semester. 

If your GPA is hovering around 80,  and you did pretty well on your CASPer, you shouldn’t have an issue getting into the smaller colleges/universities; it’s the bigger universities (McMaster & Mohawk) where it will be less likely to get into (Mohawk F19 avg. was 90). 

I know some students come back for another year to increase their marks. I wouldn’t give up just yet since exams are weighed very heavily in both biology and Chemistry (for Mohawk it is anyway). 

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