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  1. scorpiosunshine

    How are your online classes going?

    Hey everybody, I'm just curious to know how other people are handling online classes right now. What are your experiences with clinical and lectures? I'm currently in pre-health and breezing through the last of my exams online.
  2. scorpiosunshine

    Low pre-health sci marks

    Hi, I don't know where you applied but I know that where I applied, only a 3.0 or 75 average in all courses was needed. I know people who failed first semester Chemistry, they're repeating Chemistry 1 right now and finishing Chemistry 2 in the Summer. Your college might offer courses online too (well right now they're probably all online) that you might be able to repeat over the Summer if you need to get your grades up. ^ Exactly this. If you're not so sure about your marks, apply at a college that has fewer applicants and wider admission requirements.
  3. scorpiosunshine

    Nursing 2020?

    That's great news!! I was offered conditional acceptance by Sault College/Laurentian for BScN because I'm just finishing pre-health too. Although, I understand that Sault College usually has less applicants than other colleges. Have either of you heard anything back yet on your applications?
  4. scorpiosunshine

    Nursing 2020?

    Hi all, has anyone accepted offers for fall 2020 yet?
  5. scorpiosunshine

    Started pre-health science(ontario)

    Hi, I don't know what college you're currently at but my college's pre-health program is ENTIRELY exams with the exception of chemistry labs (which are more like a practical exam). And yes, it is so very very rushed. I'm not an 'older' student, but I have been out of high school for a few years now, which seems to be the case with the majority of my class. I know a few of the older students have had luck studying/befriending a few of the people in my class around my age, although everyone seems to keep to themselves. Although I'm not in BScN yet, I wouldn't worry about working with the same people from pre-health as many of the (especially younger) students may find that nursing isn't for them. It's also important to keep in mind that pre-health students only make up so much of the BScN class, and there may be students from other pre-health programs or ones who were completing courses online. My only experience with this though is from friends who've done the pre-health/bscn route, and obviously every year is unique. Hope you've decided to stick with the BScN route and have had better luck with pre-health this semester.
  6. scorpiosunshine

    BScN or RPN? I'm worried about cost?

    Hi all, I'm a new person on this forum so please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong area. I am currently taking a pre-health course at my local college and have been offered acceptance into both the BScN and practical nursing programs here. I am not sure which one to accept since I am mostly worried about cost. I have always been below the poverty line and I am really worried about taking on a lot of debt for BScN, since it is at least 7k/year for 4 years (about 28k) in tuition before books, supplies, and living costs. In contrast, the PN program is 4k/year (about 8k) in tuition and the estimated costs for books is about half the cost (compared to the cost for the first two years of books for BScN). PN would seem like the obvious choice, however, I have been getting very high marks in pre-health (I finished my first semester with a 97% average) and have been told that I show promise in the nursing field. From what I can see, there are more job offers for RPN's in my town as well, and they are paid ~10/h less than RN's. I also think it's important to note that I have been at this college for 3 years now, as I already completed the Social Service Worker program here, and I am beginning to feel very tired from it. Otherwise, I would not be so worried about the length of the program since I am in my 20's and have no children. Basically, I just really, really, really, REALLY, want to be a nurse but I am too nervous about taking on debt for a degree in it. Is there any advice on what to do here?