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  1. Mariah87

    New Trauma Nurse Help

    I am a new nurse and went right into ER and I don't want to get scared away already but I am close. My training was terrible. I don't feel ready to be on my own at all. I took ACLS but it's so intimidating when it is real. I just don't know when or what to call out to the staff and doctor and what to write down or how to chart. Am I supposed to have these algorithms memorized cause that seems impossible to me..?
  2. Mariah87

    New Trauma Nurse Help

    I take my TNCC in november.
  3. Mariah87

    New Trauma Nurse Help

    Hi there, I am new to this website. I am a new ER nurse. I have completed my residency/orientation but I still do not feel comfortable in codes and trauma. I am worried about asking for more training at work. Does anyone know of any outside training/tutoring? I feel like it sounds ridiculous but it would just be amazing to sit down one on one with someone and go over everything that is done in codes and go over the algorithms etc. Thank you.

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