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  1. I'm an FNP and work in an outpatient clinic m-f. It is a great place, however, I am itching to go to urgent care. One, I also like the hours, as I feel it would be a better lifestyle balance. I have done suturing courses and I am following podcasts ...
  2. The MD Bias Hits Home

    Sorry to hear this happened. I have NP colleagues and friends who are working in hospitals as hospitalists as well as in specialties, all shifts, and they are large teaching hospitals. Your dream job is out there! Your conversation reminds me of...
  3. delta state or MSU

    I am looking to do a post masters and I was looking at these programs, any feedback? TY
  4. Telehealth with Leadership Health?

    still waiting on credentialing.... I sent an email today, I will let you know if I hear a response.
  5. Urgent Care Bootcamp/workshop

    Has anyone taken a boot camp or class for Urgent care refresher? I have seen classes from a couple hundred dollars up to 1k. Was looking for some honest reveiws, TY!
  6. any NPs work at boarding school?

    Any NPs work at a boarding school? I was looking at a perdiem position, I have a FT job I like just looking to supplement and I like to stay busy 😉 thx for any feedback
  7. EPIC question

    Hello! I work outpatient. I want to use a flowsheet in my visit. So for example, let's say the Glascow coma scale, I want to be able to document in that so I can trend my data every visit for this pt. How do I create a smartphrase for this ...
  8. Telehealth with Leadership Health?

    Hi, I accepted a position with this company. They told me min 14 hours. I work full time but I can mange that with weekends and nights, as they said they offer 24/7 service. Curious to see how long credentialing takes.
  9. Sleep Medicine NP?

    I have an FNP, work in outpatient neurology practice at a large hospital and we see OSA pts. I diagnose, order tests, order sleep studies, order equipment.. etc. I also see other neuro conditions. When I was looking for a neuro job a provider during ...
  10. Students, free certification

    I am an FNP and I work in Neurology outpatient, just wanted to pass this on as it's great to know and good for the resume, you can get certified to perform the MoCA for free, otherwise it is $150. Useful if you are looking to work in neuro or e...
  11. Trouble Getting a New NP Job in Boston

    Have you tried locum tenens? Jobs I've gotten are 10+ week assignments. I work with Jake at Barton Associates. I don't know if I can post his number here?
  12. learn Spanish for NPs?

    Hello, I am looking to enroll in a course, just not sure what outlet as I've seen online and in person in my area. I do have a new locums gig for 12 weeks with an hour drive each way, wondering if I could do it in my car... Any feedback apprecia...
  13. Side Hustle—Covid test NP??

    I was wondering about this too... The ones I have been seeing say looking for NPs but underneath it says you will be working under your RN license. Any one here apply or start this opportunity?
  14. Regis College Online FNP

    Can anyone comment on the caliber of their clinical didactic classes? I.e. pharmacology, adv pathophysiology?________________ I just finished the FNP program, I transferred in my Adv Patho from another university, but I did take Pharm at Regis and it...
  15. Best AANP/ANCC Audio Review?

    Hello, did you end up purchasing the Ebay version? I am looking to purchase audio review as well, ty