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  1. rn3052

    Regis College Online FNP

    I am in the online FNP program. I have had a harder time finding pediatric and women's health preceptors. That being said I still found people. I had the best luck with going through work connections. But actually my best one was a place I emailed and the secretary knew someone. The faculty at Regis have been great, very supportive always there if I need something via email or phone etc. It's a lot of information to learn, you need to be a motivated learner and take the lead. No one is going to spoon feed you information, but then again when I go see a health provider I want them to be able to be a holistic caregiver who can critically think about me and my health, not just someone who memorized some facts and half read a book :-)
  2. rn3052

    Regis College Online FNP

    Hello, I am in the online FNP program. I was doing a MSN generalist elsewhere and decided to do this program and was allowed to transfer in 2 classes only, Adv Patho, and Nursing Research. I have done 4 classes so far and it is going well. I have 3 kids and I work 36hrs a week, plus I have a perdiem I pick up here and there. I do plan on scaling back when I start clinicals next semester though... The professor have been good, when I reach out they respond. I am working on finding preceptors and that is on my own but they say start early and network. Nursing school was very hard but we did it! This is hard to but if you want to you can make it work! That is my belief anyway 🙂 I have cried a few times already hahha, rethought what the heck am I doing.... but I am still in the program. I heard there is a FB group though for the online program, I wish I knew it as I would love to just chat with people about school.. GL everyone!
  3. rn3052

    Regis college online NP

    Hi I am in the FNP program, I started Sept 18'. So far so good. It is time consuming but doable. I also work and have a husband and kids so my hands are full. Our house is a mess and I need a haircut...sometimes I could cry. But yeah, overall pretty good experience :-)
  4. rn3052

    Teaching at a Tech school?

    Hello, I am a floor nurse in a busy hospital with a BSN and am enrolled in a MSN program. I would like to look at a part time teaching job as I would love the opportunity to promote this field I love so much. I saw some positions for CNA clinical instructor and LPN instructor at a Technical school and I was wondering if anyone had any experience teaching in these areas. I started my career as a CNA and am so thankful to my teachers! I am looking for any advice, Thanks!
  5. rn3052

    Regis college online fnp program

    I am enrolled for this fall 2018 for the online FNP program. Did you end up enrolling? I was looking for a way for those enrolled to connect, perhaps we can do a FB page?