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    Oahu Nursing Aid Jobs/Other Questions

    From personal experience I was unsuccessful with landing a RN and better yet an aide job. I was great student with background experience in Home Healthcare. It is literally impossible unless you know a hiring manager.
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    Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) - Spring 2019 Acceptance

    HPU's nursing school is very unorganized just a warning...
  3. Abow91

    Need Advice!

    The best nurses that were in my cohort had to move even with 1+ years as a CNA at the local hospitals. I'd try to avoid moving there. After living there all my life, going to a local nursing school, as my dad being a doctor, my uncle being a top surgeon there, and knowing nurses there, I still had to relocate to the mainland because I couldn't even get a CNA job there. The hospitals only hire travel nurses and nurses with A LOT of experience. They do not like training new grads.
  4. Abow91

    Any Hawaii Pacific University BSN Graduates

    Honestly, as a HPU nursing school graduate I feel like i am only successful because I worked my *** off. During school I was on my toes at all times and went above and beyond because faculty and administration was never on it and very unorganized. I killed myself to make straight A's, do good in clinicals and luckily got a preceptorship on a tele floor. If you have it in you, I say HPU is good, but if your gonna sit back and just slide through I don't think its worth it for your career.