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    Explaining past reprimand by BON in interview?

    Hey, how did this turn out for you? I’ve posted about and am facing a reprimand from the TN board now. It was over an experienced mistake while I was starting out in hospice. That said, has anyone had issues with employment moving forward?
  2. Hey guys, I’m an experienced RN-BSN nurse with about 10 years of experience. I am a hospice nurse, mainly seeing patients who live at home or with family. I received a letter from the BON regarding an investigation for “unethical conduct” in April of this year, I immediately called a nurse attorney who instructed me not to speak with the BON investigator. Long story short-I had a patient who’s daughter was very anxious, and also the primary caregiver of my patient. She was constantly changing her mind about the plan of care/ medications she wanted or didn’t want for her mother. Anyway I just got a letter today that the BON is pursing my RN license for med diversion! Apparently this daughter has reported that I removed medications from the home. I have never diverted meds, nor do I have any history alcohol or drug abuse. Has anyone been in similar circumstances and faced the BON? I’m freaked out! Thanks
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    Help! Hospice RN under investigation for diversion

    Yes, you’re so right, I should have done that sooner. That’s ultimately what made me submit my resignation at that company. I never dreamed this would be happening now, a year later. But, here we are- hindsight is 20/20.
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    Help! Hospice RN under investigation for diversion

    That’s is what I’ve been hoping, that maybe the longer the wait by the board, the better. But yes, the waiting is the worst part (besides facing losing my license by here-say.) I’ve retained a lawyer who was an MSN nurse before becoming a judge and now a defense attorney. I’m hoping my past if no criminal record, and a majority of happy patient families will all be cause to help my case, plus the face I didn’t divert anything. I will keep everyone posted as to how this plays out. Thanks