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  1. KJRNBSN921

    SNHU MSN Ed?

    Hi! Wondering if anyone has done Southern New Hampshire (SNHU) MSN education track online? If so, did you like it? Are you working in that area now that you've completed it? I did my BSN through snhu and loved it, no issues at all, just curious what people think of their msn education track program :)
  2. KJRNBSN921

    Medications for a dying patient

    Ativan, morphine, methadone, haldol, oxygen, senna, Tylenol, scopolamine patch..
  3. KJRNBSN921

    Help! What MSN track do I do

    I do like teaching/precepting. I was thinking maybe a clinical nurse specialist track?
  4. KJRNBSN921

    MSN CNS programs

    If I want to pursue an MSN, Clinical nurse specialist degree, CNS is considered an advanced practice Rn..however I wouldn't want to get certified as an FNP, but a CNS..what type of msn program am I'm looking for? When i research this, I am only finding either FNP or General MSN/leadership programs??
  5. KJRNBSN921

    Help! What MSN track do I do

    Hi there! I've been a nurse for 5 years and have my BSN. I would like to go back to school to get my MSN but am having a really hard time deciding on a specific track. Originally I said I didn't want to be a NP, but I don't want a role in administration. I love direct patient care. I cant imagine sitting in an office M-F 9-5 or 7-3. I love the flexibility of nursing schedules such as 3 12s. I don't mind weekends and holidays. Soo I'm looking for some guidance on what type of MSN to pursue, I really don't know what my goals are to figure it out!! Just so confused on what i want to do years from now but want to get school done sooner than later. From what I'm reading it seems like a good idea to do NP as you ultimately could teach or do a manager role, not necessarily need to work as a direct np. Ugh help
  6. KJRNBSN921

    Hospice books?

    Been a nurse for 5 years, med surg mostly. Will be starting hospice nursing at an inpatient hospice house and looking to get some books to learn a little bit more! I've always loved hospice nursing and caring for CMO patients at the hospital, can't wait to care for them in a hospice house setting. any recommendations on books to read specifically for hospice nursing? thanks!!
  7. KJRNBSN921

    help!? Which job do I take?

    I'm 27, I've been an RN for two years on a very busy med/surg floor. I recently have been looking for a change. I absolutely love hospice nursing and have cared for numerous hospice patients on my floor. I applied and was offered a position at a hospice house. Hours are great, pay is about the same. However, I also applied and got a position on the tele/cardiac floor at my hospital now, same pay, decent hours. My dilemma is, do I want to go full time Hospice at such a young time in my career and not utilize all my acute skills and certifications like advanced cardiac life support, or do I pursue cardiac, as I have always been interested in that and eventually leading to more intensive care nursing. Two complete different positions and I don't know what to do!!!! Please help!