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  1. squeakyclean LPN

    Lakeshore Wis area tech schools

    I am moving to Wisconsin from MO. I will be living along the shore of Lake Michigan. Need some advice about the tech schools in the area for my RN. I am torn between NWTC and LTC. LTC is convenient to where I will be living, but I have heard some amazing things about the instructors at NWTC, can anyone give me any first hand advice? Thanks in advance!
  2. squeakyclean LPN

    Feeling discouraged about nursing school

    All I can really suggest is you expose yourself as much as you can to the given skills needed to master. Also, doing some research about the particular skill can help clear of some reasons as to why things are done "this" way and not "that" way, just might help you remember your steps better. Also, as the others have said, do not compare, its so not worth the anxiety you create for yourself, I know easier said than done, i'ts almost like a reflex, but everyone has different backgrounds, schedules, ways of studying, ect. Practice being in competition with yourself (honestly, that mindset is what kept me excited about clinical). I think you'll be fine. You got into nursing school right? And you are certainly not alone in any trepidation. Good Luck to you!
  3. squeakyclean LPN

    How far in advance do you get your class/clinical schedule?

    Oh my, sounds like a lot of people are left hanging. I feel very fortunate in my program, we are able to lock in our future desired clinical spots the last week before the end of the current semester, registering for classes for the following semester is also around the same time. That being said we have a good amount of time to plan and arrange work/childcare, ect.