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  1. Mrsvirgomama

    Do you have a side hustle?

    How many hrs a week do you teach?
  2. Mrsvirgomama

    Do you have a side hustle?

    If parenting paid the bills lol Sounds like you have some great friends who have a great side hustle. Definitely a blessing.
  3. Mrsvirgomama

    Do you have a side hustle?

    Both cool gigs. You never know it could be in the future.
  4. Mrsvirgomama

    Do you have a side hustle?

    I am curious to know if you do something else on the side to earn extra income in addition to being a nurse. I know some nurses work somewhere else PRN and a few nurses I know who do photography and such on the side. What is your side hustle?
  5. Mrsvirgomama

    New Graduate, Only one interview, Should I Be Picky

    My resume has been reviewed and re-reviewed. The few people I know getting jobs are staying with their hospital/facility as they hire within which is easier or getting job offers from their clinical unit in their graduating semester.
  6. Mrsvirgomama

    New Graduate, Only one interview, Should I Be Picky

    So, I shouldn’t interview anymore and go with what is offered?
  7. Advice needed. I graduated from my LPN to RN program and have been looking for jobs. I was asked to tour a unit with the charge nurse at the career fair and then told by the OB manager to email her about shadowing. They don't do it for everyone, and this is a really good sign according to the charge nurse. I emailed, and nothing and I emailed her a week ago. This is the unit would be my dream job. I interviewed and shadowed on MPCU this week. I haven't followed up yet because I was waiting to hear back from the OB manager. I feel eh about MPCU, but I know I would learn a lot, use my skills and the unit and the unit manager seems nice (mentioned she wants people to stay at least 2 years). The person I shadowed graduated from the same school, the same program just one year ago and she doing great on the unit. Also, the recruiter gave me the benefits summary but nothing about pay. This is the only interview + shadow from all the jobs I have applied. I feel like I should be getting more interviews (and I have applied for quite a few jobs for a few weeks), but at the same time, I do not want to let my "what I think I should" get in the way of what is right for me if that makes sense. Should I go for it even though it is the only one?
  8. Mrsvirgomama

    Passed NCLEX! -UWorld

  9. Mrsvirgomama

    Should I email the nurse manager

    I don't have her number but I am sure I could find out.
  10. I normally work night shift and state has not come during my shift. I was talking to the evening shift nurse who has been there for many years and I asked her how did she know the guidelines or whatnot and she said they learned them in school. I never learned any of this during my LPN program and but just picked off stuff here and there. Management is not really of much help (basically none).
  11. Mrsvirgomama

    Compression socks yes or no?

    Yes to compression socks. My sister who is a MD introduced them to me before I was a nurse. Thankful for the knowledge she shared the knowledge.
  12. Mrsvirgomama

    Not sure which nursing path to take.

    Here's what I did: When I applied for my nursing program, I applied to both the LPN and the RN program. I got into the LPN. It was a year long program (3 semesters) and then I applied to the transition program shortly after (one semester later because I have to get my license first and could not apply until I had it). Best thing about being a LPN transition is that I can work. I have applied some of my skills to use and more confidence in skills. I am will be graduating in May. It took about almost the same time to get my RN rather than waiting to get into the RN program 1st. RN was always by goal and I got it even thought I had to become a LPN first.
  13. Mrsvirgomama

    Should I email the nurse manager

    I will be graduating in May with my ASN. I went to a career fair a month or so ago and one of the nurse managers gave me the email of nurse manager of the unit I would be interested in obtain a job and thought she had a position open. I emailed her once about the and did not get a reply. I still see no jobs on that unit but wanted to know if I should reach out again to her and show my interest or not even bother.
  14. Mrsvirgomama

    Is this the norm when asking for time off?

    This is my first nursing job and I am not sure if this is the norm. I asked for time off a month in a half in advance. Though I am PRN, they put me on a set schedule. And schedule only 2 weeks out at a time and usually put the schedule out the final day of the previous schedule. I asked my nurse manager why she denied me. She told me that people find their own replacement when they request time off and then walked off and told me to do whatever I want she doesn't care. I am not sure how when I don't know the schedule with just a few days prior. It seems she always denies my PTO as well as others and I decided to ask the reason why this once especially when I am following protocol. Is this normal in LTC or healthcare?
  15. Thanks for the insight klone. I will be enrolled in a BSN shortly after I graduate so that is the contingency of FNP. There have been a few recruiting job fairs encouraging soon to be graduates and a few of my classmates do have jobs lined up already. I have been approached about working in neuro unit, oncology unit and PCU unit. This maybe because I have one year experience as a LPN. Glad to hear that no one experience is better than the other because I have been hearing about med/surg being the best (in general) for new grads.
  16. I will be graduating in May with my RN (ADN) and plan to start by BSN soon after (this would be my second baccalaureate) and I have been looking for a job in LDRP and NICU. So far, I have come across jobs needing experienced RNs. The places that do hire or not hiring now and no externships are available. I somewhat was offered a job at Nurse Family Partnership but not sure if that is best for a new grad (am I wrong?) I am planning to get my IBCLC in the meantime. Seeing that I may not get a job in that specialty (I am in my late 30s so I am about 90% sure LDRP is the field I want to go to) what specialty would you recommend for a new grad that is not Med Surg. I was not passionate about it during any of my 3 clinical rotations and don't feel like I want to have an unhappy start in my RN nursing career.

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