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  1. Thanks for the insight klone. I will be enrolled in a BSN shortly after I graduate so that is the contingency of FNP. There have been a few recruiting job fairs encouraging soon to be graduates and a few of my classmates do have jobs lined up already. I have been approached about working in neuro unit, oncology unit and PCU unit. This maybe because I have one year experience as a LPN. Glad to hear that no one experience is better than the other because I have been hearing about med/surg being the best (in general) for new grads.
  2. I will be graduating in May with my RN (ADN) and plan to start by BSN soon after (this would be my second baccalaureate) and I have been looking for a job in LDRP and NICU. So far, I have come across jobs needing experienced RNs. The places that do hire or not hiring now and no externships are available. I somewhat was offered a job at Nurse Family Partnership but not sure if that is best for a new grad (am I wrong?) I am planning to get my IBCLC in the meantime. Seeing that I may not get a job in that specialty (I am in my late 30s so I am about 90% sure LDRP is the field I want to go to) what specialty would you recommend for a new grad that is not Med Surg. I was not passionate about it during any of my 3 clinical rotations and don't feel like I want to have an unhappy start in my RN nursing career.
  3. Mrsvirgomama

    Indiana Nursing Programs

    Look at the prerequisites you need to take and like another post said try to do them before admittance to Ivy Tech. GPA is not a factor just the classes they require before you apply. I have a BS in Biology and I re-took my A&P class to get a better score to get in. I did okay on the TEAS test (I didn't study) and got into the LPN program on my first try for Spring. Spring is apparently the least competitive time to get into the program. I did apply for both LPN and RN at the Indianapolis, Columbus and Anderson. I got in the LPN program in Columbus and Indianapolis. Some say go for the RN only. I finished my LPN in a year (3 semesters). I applied and got into the LPN to ASN, so one semester off. I am working as a LPN, working on my RN currently. Going my routine, I have to take an additional semester compared to the traditional IVY tech RN program, but it is worth it. Plus, I didn't want to chance waiting and not getting into either program. Plus, I think it is little easier to work now because I am only taking one class and a clinical each semester for LPN to RN vs. the 2 classes plus clinicals every semester because nursing school is HARD! I am just trying to get this done as I have been thinking about nursing for 9 years (after I got my BS). My 2 cents.
  4. Mrsvirgomama

    Allergic to cats in AL, what can I do?

    Thanks for help. I'm taking an OTC and it's kind of helping. I'll give it a few weeks or start wearing a mask.
  5. Mrsvirgomama

    Allergic to cats in AL, what can I do?

  6. Mrsvirgomama

    Allergic to cats in AL, what can I do?

    I haven't yet. I was just taking to a friend about it and he just found out what he is allergic to and got an epi-pen. So, I am hoping not to have to do the same.
  7. Mrsvirgomama

    Allergic to cats in AL, what can I do?

    I am new nurse but worked LTC since I have been working. I never thought this would be an issue. Everyone I know has dogs so I never thought about til working on assisted living facility.
  8. Mrsvirgomama

    Allergic to cats in AL, what can I do?

    I was working LTC until I decided to go back to school. I am now working on the assisted living side of the same company. I was working on their assisted living dementia unit but now they are orienting me for the other unit where residents have cats and I think I am allergic. I have only been orienting once a day for 3 weeks leave there with a sore throat each time. I thought it was stress from school or maybe getting sick. But I think it is residents with the cats. I can't get tested right now because I have no insurance. My boss is not the most receptive person. Can I just say that I am developing an allergy? Any advice?