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  1. preemieRN15

    East Carolina University Online Program

    Hi! Did you end up going to ECU? Would love to hear some feedback, as I am deciding between ECU and other programs. Thanks!
  2. preemieRN15

    Vanderbilt 2020 Pre Specialty

    I got in to the NNP program at Vandy,.found out today. Trying to decide between them, ECU and hopefully UAB. Congrats everyone!
  3. preemieRN15


    Yes!! So eager to change practice. I will bring it up to our CNS as well. Thanks for your input!
  4. preemieRN15


    Thank you for your response. That is how we did it at my first hospital as well. We are trying to change things, create a policy etc but change is hard. When on servo mode you did not wrap, correct? We use handkerchiefs to swaddle even on servo mode. I have tried to fight against but its the norm for us right now. í ½í¸’
  5. preemieRN15

    OR vs WA

    Thanks for the info!
  6. preemieRN15

    Ever forgotten to feed a baby?

    Glad I'm not the only one. Doesn't happen as much as it did when I was a new grad, but it was a frequent nightmare. I've received babies that had a full syringe hooked up and never started. Discovered when I did my assessment. Fortunately, the glucose was good!
  7. preemieRN15

    IV infiltrate: Lessons Learned

    Also, what does a thigh IV look like? Never heard of one, especially on a chucky baby! :)
  8. preemieRN15

    IV infiltrate: Lessons Learned

    You are going to be a fabulous NICU nurse! Chubby babies are so hard and at such a high rate, it was bound to happen quickly. It sounds like you have great management behind you, and that you have learned from the mishap. I agree with above posters, never swaddle and IV limb. In my experience, it increases chances that the IV will go out sooner and like you said, you cannot visualize it well. You will get so good, that you will be able to quickly glance at an IV and know its out. But continue to feel and assess like never before. You've got this!
  9. preemieRN15

    License Endorsement

    Any nurses familiar with endorsing their license to WA from another state? I am curious how long the WA board takes? I know CA takes forever to do most things so counting on at least 6 weeks on the front end. Anyone have experience they care to share?
  10. preemieRN15

    OR vs WA

    I should have clarified, thank you. I guess the nursing scene, pay, patient to nurse ratio, benefits, etc. But knowing about the weather would help too! Mild winters and mild summers would be perfect. Thank you!
  11. preemieRN15

    OR vs WA

    Hi! Trying to decide which state would be best to move to. I am a NICU RN, have worked in CA and TX and looking for a change. Which would be better, in your opinion? OR or WA?
  12. preemieRN15


    Hi! Anyone work at Swedish? Anyone care to share about their experience?
  13. preemieRN15

    Tacoma General

    Hi! Anyone work at Tacoma General? How do you like it? Care to share about your experience?
  14. preemieRN15

    University of Washington

    Hi! Any one work for UW? Care to share your experience? How do you like working there?
  15. preemieRN15


    How does your unit do it? Do you keep preemies in isolettes until a certain age/weight? Do you wrap in isolettes? This is my 3rd hospital and we seem to do things a little backwards here. Can you give me insight into what your hospital does? TIA!
  16. preemieRN15

    So really, how is the rain?

    Hi all, Looking to move to the Seattle area. Coming from sunny San Diego. Honestly, I love the rain. But do like the sun too. I am fair though, and burn easily, skin cancer runs in the family and I love to dress in long sleeves when I can. I would love a change and Washington seems perfect for my family for so many varied reasons. So, how is the rain, really? Do Washingtonians (spelling?) love it? Hate it? Tolerate it? Thanks in advance!

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