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  1. I was wondering what a CNA does in a assisted living home on a daily bases. like what a typical 2nd shift or 3rd shift might look like.
  2. starbabe

    Feeling like I'm slipping

    thank you for the advice I'm getting back to my normal superstar self I was just having an off night that night.
  3. starbabe

    Feeling like I'm slipping

    I starting to feel like a bad CNA again. I work with little children think 6 months to 4 yrs right now. I have anywhere from 4 to 6 patents on any given night I work 3rd shift. I'm the only CNA on nights with 2 to 3 nurses depending on the night. every 2 hrs I turn the patients, check diapers and put braces on and change pulse ox sites I also do the laundry, take the trash out and clean the rooms and bathroom in patents rooms. I do the vitals when I first arrive. I love my job but lately I been forgetting things. I forgot to check a diaper at 2 am on one patient one time the nurse went in after me and told me about it later. another night I was changing the diaper of another patent when he starts peeing so I quickly get the diaper over the patient so the urine ( we weigh diapers here) doesn't get everywhere but too late its already on the sheets usually there is a pad under them we can change out instead of the bed sheet but not tonight 2nd shift didn't put one down. so I finish the diaper change ask the nurse to hold to patient while I change the sheet because the nurse isn't doing anything else at the time. she tells me to get the scale to weigh the patient so we can get it out of the way. normally I would have just changed the pad myself but a complete sheet change is difficult with this patient with one person. after we weigh all the rest of the kids. one is at shift change. I forgot to document the weight of one of the kids as I'm driving home this realization hits me like a bag of bricks. as soon as I'm home I call the charge nurse phone and I own up to this luckily I had the weight writen down in my pocket so I tell her the weight and she puts it in. this is the first time I have ever forgotten to document so I feel guilty. normally I am so on top of everything now it feels like I'm slipping down the slide I just climbed up. I'm trying to get back on top of things again. I think it helps to type it out here. any feedback is nice though.
  4. starbabe

    started new job

    we now have two patients we are a very new facility
  5. starbabe

    started new job

    i started my dream job there is only one patient though. i'm still in training but i'm a little scared that because everyone else in the facility came from the hospital and knows everything about each other and the patent that i falling short already. i'm eager to learn but i'm afraid i'm going to make a mistake or something. also i feel like i have forgotten all of my schooling already. also nervous because they haven't trained me on the system they use for patient notes and vitals. also i only work when the patient is asleep. so we work in semi darkness so we don't wake the patient. any advise? or wise words
  6. I just got a dream job for me at the almost home kids osf children's hospital 3rd shift part time 24 hrs a week. i am so happy about this but my husband is bring me down because its not full time and i won't get benefits. but what he doesn't get is that it can become a full time job eventually and i love the thought of working with children. here is my question do you guys or ladies think that this job sounds good? i just out of CNA program just graduated and was lucky enough to get a job that lets me work with children even on a part time bases.
  7. starbabe

    phone interview

    hi i just did a phone interview today and i a little worried that the weakness i said was bad for me to say. i said i was weak at vital signs. i am a CNA trying to get a first time job so no experience other than clinicals. i answered honestly though but i also stated that i am practicing and trying to get better at vital signs. was i dumb to say vital signs is my weakness.

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