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  1. starbabe

    started new job

    we now have two patients we are a very new facility
  2. starbabe

    started new job

    i started my dream job there is only one patient though. i'm still in training but i'm a little scared that because everyone else in the facility came from the hospital and knows everything about each other and the patent that i falling short already. i'm eager to learn but i'm afraid i'm going to make a mistake or something. also i feel like i have forgotten all of my schooling already. also nervous because they haven't trained me on the system they use for patient notes and vitals. also i only work when the patient is asleep. so we work in semi darkness so we don't wake the patient. any advise? or wise words
  3. I just got a dream job for me at the almost home kids osf children's hospital 3rd shift part time 24 hrs a week. i am so happy about this but my husband is bring me down because its not full time and i won't get benefits. but what he doesn't get is that it can become a full time job eventually and i love the thought of working with children. here is my question do you guys or ladies think that this job sounds good? i just out of CNA program just graduated and was lucky enough to get a job that lets me work with children even on a part time bases.
  4. starbabe

    phone interview

    hi i just did a phone interview today and i a little worried that the weakness i said was bad for me to say. i said i was weak at vital signs. i am a CNA trying to get a first time job so no experience other than clinicals. i answered honestly though but i also stated that i am practicing and trying to get better at vital signs. was i dumb to say vital signs is my weakness.