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  1. lam1997

    Anesthesia Tech vs CNA in the ICU

    Thank you so much everyone for your input! I recently interviewed for a day shift med-surg ICU PRN and a night shift neuro ICU PRN position at a large hospital in my area! I am waiting to hear back and if I get both jobs I will have to decide :o
  2. lam1997

    Anesthesia Tech vs CNA in the ICU

    Hi SRNAs! I am currently in my first semester of an ABSN program and would like to find a part time job during school. There is an opening for an anesthesia tech PRN and also part-time ICU CNA positions at the hospitals in my area (Charlotte, NC). I was thinking of applying to all the positions and see if I am offered an interview. Which would you all recommend for a current nursing student aspiring to be a CRNA? I have worked as a retail pharmacy technician ~1 and an CNA/EMT ~4 months as a Critical Care Tech in the ED before nursing school. Thank you very much for your time and help in advance!
  3. lam1997

    UPENN ABSN 2020

    When is the deadline for the deposit for those who were admitted? Just wondering because I am waitlisted and they said we will hear back if we were moved off by April 15th.
  4. lam1997

    Northeastern University ABSN Spring 2019

    Hi all! I am applying for the Summer 2020 cohort and was wondering what you all thought of the program?
  5. lam1997

    Northeastern University ABSN Program Spring 2020

    Hi I'm applying for the Summer 2020 term 🙂 I will keep you all updated if I get in!
  6. lam1997

    UPENN BSN MSN 2020

    I got waitlisted for the Accelerated BSN/MSN!

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